The Spatial Experience

As a former ballet dancer of twelve years, I was raised in the theatre. Though I spent most of my time in the dressing rooms, wings, and on the stage, I have been in the audience before, and that produces an entirely different feeling. Walking into the building brought back all the memories of the time and hard work that I put into the performing arts, and it made me excited to see the play. I was able to sit fairly close to the stage, so I was able to see the actors very well, which made the experience even better. When the time the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I became even more excited for the performance to begin. Place is important in the Good Life because it influences your emotions. Where you are located can cause you to be more comfortable and open, or it can lead you to more negative feelings. In this case, the location made me feel excited and happy, and added so much more to the experience.

The Social Experience

I planned to attend the performance by myself, but when I arrived I ran into some friends who invited me to sit with them. I prepared by getting dressed up and looking nice, because I feel like a night at the theatre deserves a look that you put effort into. It was interesting how other people treated the experience. There were quite a few of my classmates on their phones or talking to each other during the performance. Though, my friends remained polite and focused on the play. Being able to share this experience with people who acted similar to myself made it better. While I was somewhat annoyed at the people who were not paying attention, I was more grateful that I was surrounded by people who felt the same as I did. Shared experiences play an important role in the Good Life, because they add to your knowledge and experience. With these you gain wisdom about yourself and your values.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The play is set in December 1905 in a time and place where religion ruled the lives of many. The central issue of the sort was the ability to express rebellion after going on a path to the discovery of truth and justice. Whether this truth be about Sarah Bernhardt's life as a performer, or about Talbot's awful experiences at his previous school, each character had to discover whether or not they were capable of rebellion along their journey. Before the play I knew about how strict religion was during the time period, which is the reason Sarah Bernhardt has so much trouble when she visits Quebec City. I am also aware about the issues of rape and molestation. The play furthered my knowledge on these topics and gave them a more personal feel. I can thankfully say that I have no experience with rape but I have grown up in an extremely religious city and have seen the influence it can have on some people's views.

The Emotional Experience

The play gives the audience a chance for katharsis by presenting topics that are normally hard to talk about. Specifically the power religion can have over someone's life, rape, and how the two connect. In the play, Talbot is continuously molested by a priest at the school he previously attended, but because of the appearance that the church wants to maintain, he is bribed to keep this secret to himself with material things. The church goes to great lengths to make sure that he does not go to the police or tell anyone that this happened. This brings light to the issue of many people being scared to reveal that they have been raped or molested because of fear of their abuser, and also the issue that many rapes that are reported go uninvestigated. This play gave the audience the opportunity to see that, because while many people know that rape is bad and that all of them should be reported, many of the cases don't even make it to the police and a large majority of those that do take so much time to be investigated that it's almost pointless. This is one more less than noble quality about rape besides the act itself. Not enough support is provided for victims, and not enough punishment exists for rapists.

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