Chapter 9:From Good to Great To Built to Last Group 4: Anders Bengtson, Audrey Mackenzie, JOrdan martin, david baseme, laura MACMILLAN and zach vanbibber

What is the foundation of Good to Great?
  • Development of the research project
  • Decision to do something different

From Good to Great to Built to Last

  • Good to Great happens before Built to Last
  • Profit is essential but not the point
What is the point?

1. What a company wants to preserve

  • Core Values
  • Core Purpose

2. What a company can change

  • Cultural and operating practices
  • Specific goals and Strategies

Example: Disney


  • Passion for creative imagination
  • Fanatic attention to detail
  • Abhorrence of cynicism
  • The "Disney Magic"
  • Bring Happiness to millions


  • Cartoons
  • Full-Length feature animation
  • Television, Mickey Mouse Club
  • Theme Parks
  • International
  • Cruise Line

High School Track Team

  • Different BHAG
  • Different Strategy
  • Good to Great to Built to Last
  • Champion


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