yes zoos jack B.

I think we should still have zoo’s because zoo’s help people learn more about animals.

Zoo’s are cheaper than going to China to see a panda!Or go to Antarctica to see a penguin.Or go to Australia just to see a kangaroo and so on I have two more reasons but you will have to read the rest of the passage.:-P

My other reason is that animals don’t have to fight off predators.In most zoo’s, zoo’s make the zookeepers hide the animals food so the animals don’t get plump.Only in a zoo is a Zebra safe from a lion or a croc.Poachers can’t get the animals when they in a zoo.Endangered also have a safe place in zoo’s.

Lots of people go to zoos for lots of different reasons.Some people go to zoos to see the animals.Schools go to zoos on field trips to learn.Some people like to go on family trips.Some people just work there.

These are the reasons why we should still have zoos.


Created with images by Pexels - "animal big cat safari"

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