Middle East News Lu,Sabrina

The current refugee crisis in Europe has highlighted the ordeal of ten of thousands Syrian refugees fleeing war and hardship. It happened in Syria, January 31, 2014

Lost among the headlines last week was a starting development, dozens of soldiers from The United Arab Emirates have been killed. It happened in August 18, 2015 in Yemen.

It's been a bloody Summer in Turkey starting in July a fragile peace between the Turkish state and the PKK.

It happened in August 11, 2014 in Turkey.

In Turkey, the Summer was over and they finally had peace between each other.

Over the Summer in separate acts of protests, tens of thousands of Lebanese and Iraqis took the streets of their nation. It happens on August 29, in Iraq.
The plan for the separate, viable Palestinian states existing a long side Israel. It happened on August 28. in Israel.

Four years ago, the Arab world's most populous state led the region's most inspiring story.

It happened in October 27.

It was happening in Arab.

Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy has made the military support of the protesters an issue. This happened in Egypt. In July 10, 2013
Authorization acts have been adopted by the outgoing Obama administration, which Russia is hastily introducing new sanctions against Russia. This happened one December 27, 2016, of course in Russia
In Algeria, 2016 there were lots of Problems like Improper sewage disposals, improper industrial was disposals and other industrial effluents.

This happened in Iran.

On the date October 1, 2010.

In Iran there are environmental issues like, Urban areas, vehicle emissions, and refinery operations.


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