The US Citizenship and Immigration Services the whole process of finally being an american citizen

I am extremely grateful for being a citizen of Kuwait ever since I was born. Many though travel, apply and sometimes get rejected from receiving a citizenship. Working with the New American Campaign, was an eye opening experience.

Applications for the Citizenship.

Many people anticipated to get the applications filled, some came in for additional records and information, and others where newly applicants. You may or may not be accepted. The process can be very timely, and you need to be patient.

It was a great honor to hear all the different types of stories applicants recited, about how they got to the United States, and how they are eager to attain the citizenship. Many people came from all around Florida to this particular headquarters in Downtown Miami.

As I placed the applications in their applicants folders, I could not help but hear a woman and her husband arguing about the hassle of arriving to the Downtown headquarters. "I am sorry but I'm having a huge headache, do you by any chance have an Advil on you?" she stated as she complained about the traffic her husband and herself had to got through, to get here from FortLauderdale where they live.

Surprised to hear most of the applicants speak fluent Spanish, and French, but not English. In my prospective, I believe if you are willing to apply for a citizenship, you might as well be familiar to the language spoken in the country, and are able to speak it fluently.

One story in particular was my favorite, he was a construction worker. He lived most, if not all his life here in Miami. He does not remember his children's names, for he was in and out of relationship with a number of women whom he married. He has a number of children from each wife, and sadly did not know most of their names. I realized at that point that he had a hard life with many adversities. Due to him living in a constant state of poverty he has been unable to support for his unknown children, and provide for them. It was heartbreaking to hear his story as he was applying for his citizenship.

In my two visits to the New American Campaign headquarters, I have learned many valuable lessons. One is that I was extremely thankful for the life I'm living as a citizen in Kuwait. Two you are all eligible to apply for citizenship if you have a residency card, and off course not a criminal. Three is always be openminded and patient with everyone you meet, because you never know what they are going through in their personal life.


by Hanya ALKhamis 

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