What Beauty Pageants Have Become... Beauty pageants have become an industry that is negatively affecting women.

Entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum staged the first modern American pageant in 1854, but his beauty contest was closed down after public protest. Beauty contests came to be considered more respectable with the first modern "Miss America" contest held in 1921.

Today approximately 2.5 million girls compete in more than 100,000 beauty pageants each year in the U.S.

These woman engage in plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as rigorous dieting to win these pageants. Disqualified or losing contestants often lead lives of depression, eating disorders, and suicide.

9 out of 10 girls in pageants ages 14-16 admitted to feeling suicidal tendencies or depression.

Not only do the contestants go through emotional and physical difficulties but so do the viewers of these Beauty Pageants.

Not only is low self esteem a major negative effect that sprouts from beauty pageants and the woman and girls who take part in watching, but so are eating disorders. In our society, fifteen percent of woman have eating disorders. Miss America from 2008 is a recovering anorexic.

It has been tested that one out of every one hundred women between the ages of ten and twenty are starving themselves to death. Striving to be a beauty queen is a danger to the physical and mental health of our girls today.

We must take part in recognizing the inner beauty and realizing who we are in Christ, to correct the way the world tells us to look and act. Jesus is what these woman are missing, He provides a new lease to see through.

Beauty Pageants need to change the judging criteria to a majority vote win. The in depth grading causes the women to detail their flaws throughout their entire being; personality, body features from their muscular definition to the preferred colored of eyes, how they walk, and how they dress.

Woman have so much influence on the girls in their lives, whether it be their daughters, nieces, sisters, or within the workforce. Make your influence a good one by focusing on the beauty that truly matters, which is the heart.

To know true and everlasting beauty is to seek God and His face. Beauty Pageants deter women from doing finding truth by depicting every piece of their contestants; live out the true meaning of beauty by God's standards and don't allow your mind to meditate on the words of the world.

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