Shakespeare Project By Alejandro Perez Period 6

Alejandro Perez


English 9A

13 December 2016

Shakespeare Project 2

Thesis: Who was shakespeare and how did he influence the world of theatre?

Subtopics: Shakespeare influenced the world through his writing,words, education of today,life, and Legacy


Quote 1: “His works have helped shape the literature of all English-speaking countries...In addition, his widespread presence in popular culture extends to motion pictures, television, cartoons, and even songs”(Lander).

Paraphrase 1: This quote shows how he was one of the founder which there were a lot of them and that he shape the world of Earth. Even our modern literature has his style in it.

Commentary 1: This show how he influence to shape our literature in all-English-speaking countries and even in modern day literature. This show the theme because his play are use in our now-a-day show, music and etc. And he was a co-founder of the official English language.

Quote 2: "Special libraries and library collections focus upon Shakespeare...Thousands of scholars from all over the world gather in dozens of meetings annually to discuss topics related to Shakespeare"(Lander).

Paraphrase 2: People make libraries just for him and his literature, and they have discussions about him.

Commentary 2: This shows how important Shakespeare is to us. We have special library just for him, scholars meet up just to talk about him. If we have that just for him, then that mean that he has influenced us in some ways just to have a special things for him.

Education of Today(Subtopic):

Quote 3: "Shakespeare has affected other aspects of our culture. His plays and poems have long been a required part of a liberal education. Generations of people have absorbed his ideas concerning heroism, romantic love, loyalty, and the nature of tragedy as well as his portraits of particular historical characters"(Lander).

Paraphrase 3: He affected different parts of our culture. we have except his concepts of heroism, nature of tragedy, and etc. Also we use his use of historical characters

Commentary 3: This he not only has affected our literature he has affected our culture. He has even affect our society, society has taken in his ideas of loyalty, heroism, etc. He even use a couple of historical character such as Julius Caesar, Henry V, and Gaius Marcius Coriolanus, and etc.

Quote 4: "Hamlet also yielded the title of Agatha Christie’s theatrical smash, The Mousetrap"(Anderson).

Paraphrase 4: Agatha Christie use Hamlet for one her books

Commentary 4: Agatha Christie, one of the most known author use the tragic play of Hamlet for one of her books, MouseTrap. This show how much Shakespeare has influenced even the most known mystery writer.


Quote 5: "fair play" falls from Miranda’s lips in The Tempest...the green-eyed monster," know that you’re quoting Othello’s arch villain, Iago"(Anderson).

Paraphase 5: These are famous phrases from Shakespeare.

Commentary 5: These very famous phrases were from Shakespeare, and now are everyday phrases. He influence the way we talked as well.


Quote 6: "Shakespeare’s influence is evident in popular as well as high culture: singer-songwriter Nick Lowe’s 1970s earworm, Cruel to be Kind, took its title from lines Hamlet addressed to his mother. “I must be cruel only to be kind,” the Prince of Denmark tells her in a wriggling kind of apology for killing a courtier and meddling in her new relationship"(Anderson).

Paraphrase 6: Nick Lowe use Hamlet quotes for his music.

Commentary 6: He used words from a stanza from Hamlet and probably that he needed it for the song. Shakespeare influence on culture and music.

Quote 7: "Many words and phrases that first appeared in his plays and poems have become part of our everyday speech... Many words and phrases that first appeared in his plays and poems have become part of our everyday speech"(Lander).

Paraphase 7: He used words and phrases in his writing that now are used in the modern English language.

Commentary 7: So, he has not only affected our writing style, he is part of our society, and he is now affect our words, the simplest of them, they are common words we use everyday of our lives. He has affected the English world, many times.


Quote 8: "Since his death Shakespeare's plays have been almost continually performed, in non-English-speaking nations as well as those where English is the native tongue"("William").

Paraphase 8: It means that even the fact is that he died, people still want to see his plays

Commentary 8: This show even though he has died many of his plays are reenacted, even in non-speaking English. He affected so much that we like to see his play once more.

Quote 9: "Shakespeare worked with this company...year after year he provided it with plays, almost on demand"(Anderson).

Paraphase 9: When he work in that company he was asked to their plays a lot of the times.

Commentary 9: This shows he was very important in the company, he would write the plays and he even acted for a few of the roles. He was their main writer for their plays and he has influence us with multitasking.

Quote 10: "Shakespeare was now at the centre of two connected propaganda drives...some Party activists had sought a ban on Shakespeare"(Strobl).

Paraphase 10: It was part of propaganda and some Nazi Party members wanted to banned by the Nazis.

Commentary 10: The British in WW2 use Shakespeare's plays to spread propaganda in their movies. His influence was use in a great war and for showing the invasion of Henry V to show what the Nazi's would do.

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