Jack Dempsey Boxer

By Jaxon Mastranunzio

A man who was inducted into the boxers hall of fame, winning 54 of his 75 fights(44 of which were KO wins) 9 draws, and 6 losses

Professional Boxer-competed from 1919-1926

Originally-William Harrison Dempsey, now Jack dempsey. He grew up in a poor family, with his mother Mary Celia and father Hiram Dempsey. Jack was Irish, Jewish and Cherokee.

6ft 1inch. Heavy weight. Reach 77 inch.

His nicknames were "Kid Blackie" and "Manassa Mauler". He was a heavy weight champion, taking the title against Jess Willard. Often he did not eat for a couple days, so he fought hard to earn money for food.

He is known for how long he had his title of heavy weight champion and how he gained it. He had a unique way of fighting which made him an inspiration and a part of history.

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