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Austin Museum Day 2020

Under the auspices of the Austin Museums Partnership, the Dougherty Arts Center annually provides free visual arts activities during Austin Museum Day. This year, the event is virtual! Browse Live Studio Sessions and Discover Local Artists on this interactive Live & Local page! All participating artists are part of the 2020 JCB Gallery Season and 2020 Austin Art-O-Rama programs.


Sunday, September 20, 2pm - 4pm

Local artists are opening their virtual doors for a look at life inside their studios and the environments they have created to best cultivate creativity. This Museum Day, the Dougherty Arts Center will give access via Zoom to sessions where attendees can view artists as they work in their private studios. Watch artwork in progress, ask questions and learn more about their art practice!

HOW IT WORKS: View profiles of participating artists below and simply click the Studio Session button during active hours. You will automatically be transported to the studio of your choosing. Enter and enjoy watching an artist at work or engage by asking a question. You may leave a studio session at any time and enter others as you see fit. Zoom links will be made available to the public promptly at 2pm and close at 4pm.


Gupta is a photographer, apparel designer, and small business owner. All three of his endeavors focus heavily on the importance of human connection. Whether he is capturing images of Muay Thai camps, locals at skate parks, or the service industry, his photographic narrative style evokes insight and empathy, and highlights the need for community.

Sumaiya Malik

Malik's passion for oil paints on canvas with a focus on Austin landscape and festivals spills into her community work. She is also an American writer and social worker, Co-founder of AADI - Austin Arts and Drama Initiative, and she recently completed her second term on the Community Advisory Board of Austin PBS, providing a link between the community-at-large and Austin PBS.

B Shawn Cox

Cox creates from personal or found vintage photographs and aims to capture, reinterpret, and share a moment in time. He is visually inspired by vintage images, advertising, architecture, magazines, 80’s pop music and literature. Narratives such as humor, cliché, irony, color and texture add layers of and meaning to his multi-faceted art practice.

Veronica Ceci

Veronica Ceci is a Queer intermedia Artist based in Austin, TX, where she has been working as a Master Printer since 2004. Ceci’s current body of work, Keeping House reconfigures the viewer's relationship to the human element of institutional cleanliness by making undervalued labor conspicuous through intense materiality, repetition, iconography and live performance.

clare wuellner

Wuellner is a scientist by training, and an artist at heart who is continually inspired by the natural world. Her stained-glass mosaics are made from broken and scrap stained-glass and is never cut for the purpose her mosaics. Using her imagination and patience, she creates beauty from a hodgepodge of broken pieces in every size, color, and shape.


Live Studio Sessions are only available between 2pm and 4pm, but you can still discover locally made artwork all day long! Support the local art community and explore the websites of talented artists in your hometown!

Acayla Haile

Focusing on acrylic paint, watercolor, and mixed media, Haile takes inspiration from nature and the stories she read of travel and adventure as a child.

Amy Scofield

Each piece of jewelry made from recycled plastic bottles is a tiny unique sculpture that expresses a commitment to preservation of the environment

Anna Altice

Altice features acrylic paintings on canvas. Her work is inspired by the media itself and the joy of experimenting with color, brushstrokes, and feeling.

Bonnie Brushwood

Brushwood creates sculptural vessel forms focusing on cultivated shape and surface.

Cara Jackson

Jackson shares the beauty she finds in nature through a series of vibrant acrylic paintings, based on her experiences in Texas’ public parks.

Charles Santora

Santora's work could be summed up as an artistic view of man’s achievements combined with the human experience within the urban environment. He aims to reveal the soul of a city and its stories within his photographs.

Chetonia Saldana

Saldana creates original, one of a kind fluid alcohol ink paintings, ranging in size.

Chris Celusniak

Celusniak's work is a world of stories with in stories, infinite details of improbable vintage that he invites you to share.

Claudio Lopez

Using silver, copper and natural stones as the palette, Lopez creates unique designs that will last a lifetime.

Cynthina Bloom

Jewelry featuring antique, vintage, and modern treasures that have been collected over many years. Pieces include Czech Bohemian glass beads, iridescent glass buttons, rare Austrian crystals, and beautiful gemstones of unusual character.

Damien Hunter

Hunter leans on his diverse background in music and art to create work highlighting the relationship between the spirit and rhythms of New Orleans culture.

Emma Hadzi Antich

In this imaginative series, Hadzi Antich uses painted figurative mountainscapes to reflect a post-human future.

Ethan Ham

Ethan's non-traditional approach to wood shaping reveals spontaneity in design.

Gary Swenor

Swenor's deep love for Austin has influenced his edgy and urban photographic style.

House of Fey Art

Siblings Rick Fey, Debbie Follien and Kim Kubena find inspiration in the world around them and through a higher spirit.

Jane Howard

Inkjet prints of vintage fashion photos are embroidered with bright vibrant floral arrangements. Howard uses hand-dyed wool, cotton, or silk thread to give these images new life.

Jay Ybarra

Using acrylic on canvas or wood panel, Ybarra's unique realism pieces cover a variety of subjects and are inspired by his view of the world.

JC Amarrortu
Jamie Ocain

Ocain offers new and upcycled tie dyed or ice dyed clothing and accessories.

Jess KB

Large-scale abstract paintings by KB expand on the aesthetic elements of color, line and shape and explore combinations that result in complex harmonies.

Joe Buchoff

Buchoff creates work that he loves as well as helps people live a more fulfilling life including handbound books, handsewn face masks, and more.

Jon Nelson

Entrancing animal forms created in acrylic and clay are used in Nelson’s body of work exploring narratives, themes of struggle, and problem-solving.

Joyce LaBaw

LaBaw paints acrylic landscapes and abstracts that inspire joy with color, texture and composition.

Julie Williams

Williams' current creative process features Eco-Printing on paper, Shirbori dyed leather work, and etched Aluminum cuffs.

Katie Ann Clay

Katie Ann's handmade pottery is inspired by the landscape, color, texture, and her own experiences of the southwest.

Katy David

David uses various types of surface decoration including texture, underglaze painting, slip-trailing, sgraffito, marbling and carving, to create one-of-a-kind pieces including ring dishes, demitasse cups, bowls and bud vases.

Kristi Standley
Lawrence Jolly

Jolly is a Contemporary Narrative Realist whose work explores spiritual themes through natural, representational subject matter, resulting in Dali meets Rockwell-like imagery.

Linda Wandt

Wandt is a Representational Oil Painter whose work focuses on the concept of connection, revealing repeating patterns in nature and in our minds.

Lindsay Hendricks Jewelry

Hendricks is a metalsmith, designer, and jewelry instructor who creates handcrafted contemporary silver jewelry.

Lindsay Smith

To represent the energy of tension within the human figure, Smith uses brilliant color to highlight body movements that are often unnoticed.

Lisa McPike Smith

McPike Smith's re-imagined process results in unique handmade ceramics, antiques, and assemblages for your sacred spaces.

Luis Coss

Coss uses acrylic on canvas to highlight arte mexicano and popular culture.

Madeline Far

Far is a surrealist painter who loves to utilize bright, saturated acrylic paint on canvas. As a perfectionist, her work takes multiple weeks and several layers before she considers it complete.

Marcie Dodd

Dodd is a mixed media artist with a focus on nature, pop culture, and other oddities.

Marianne Levy

Levy creates ceramic figures inspired by some of the more well-known Grimm fairy tales, and combines animal imagery with reimagined configurations of these characters to form a feminist perspective.

Marty Lewis

Old meets new and creates a narrative through mixed media and found materials that takes the viewer on an internal and imaginative journey.

Meena Matocha

Matocha is a visual artist using charcoal, ashes, soil, acrylic and wax to create paintings that combine abstraction and figuration, exploring the space between grief and joy, death and life, and the place where heaven and earth converge.

Melanie Hickerson

Inspired by the forms and relationships in the natural world, Hickerson combines this inspiration with her own adventures to create surrealistic yet narrative paintings.

Michelle Gardella

Gardella has devoted eight years to photographing the River Story series, exploring the reunification of women with water, and what it means to belong.

Nancy Wood

Beautifully rendered digital paintings reflect experiences of the healing effects of being in nature and projects potential mending power onto the viewer.

Nora McMillen Burke

Burke’s showcase of vibrant watercolor paintings is inspired by four tribal textile traditions, and what the common symbolism can tell us about the creators and ourselves.

Rachel Dziga

Dziga is a plein air painting instructor and printmaker. Her artwork focus is on telling a story with the medium of light.


RockPaperAustin creates paintings and collages by hand using watercolor and gouache on paper, in patterns of color and abstract shapes.

Rhea Pettit

Pettit is inspired by bodies in nature; both human and animal. By depicting the relationship between animals and nature, she hopes to inspire a reverence for mother earth in humans.

Ryan Stach

Stach is a published photographer who uses a Fujifilm XT-3 to explore the beauty in everything the world has to offer.

Sarah Luna

Through a process of sculpture and photography, Luna uses color, energy, and form to create a visual poem- inspiring a sense of calm and peace for the viewer.

Saralene Tapley

Tapley is a figurative painter and printer with a focus in portraiture.

Shawn Roberts

Roberts creates for the enjoyment of others. His experience lies in a wide range of media including wood, ceramics, printmaking, and most recently abstract acrylic pours.

Sheila D. Smith

Inspired by personal experience and that of her muses fighting to make a difference, Smith is a dystopian, surrealist artist who captures the disfunction and adversity of the human condition.

Susannah Haddad

Places that Haddad has experienced while traveling are deconstructed and simplified, representing the way in which her creative mind breaks down and processes “reality.”

TJ Maclaskey

Maclaskey fusing antique and vintage bits together to to make is surrealist vision come to life.

Vickie Flaugher

Flaugher takes everyday scenes and elevates them to colorful and compelling photographic urban art, from street scenes and graffiti, to architecture and garden parks.

Yoyo Pong

Yoyo Pong is a French born artist whose work blurs the lines between pop art and fine art and feels that painting is a bit like giving birth to yourself.

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