What we learned in Photo By Sumta Sandhu, Jasmine Joffe, and Arturo Muyshondt

WARNING: exposing film to the sun will ruin it. Make sure you go to the changing room.
Hmmm boys and girls aren't allowed in there together...
Don't forget to close the door.
Remember to actually add film. Don't be a dingus.
Always keep the red top on while developing.
(Read in the voice of Sean Paul) Make sure you got that right temperature before you start developing the film.
Don't pour the fixer down the drain!! Chug it, it won't kill you.
Don't play with the chemicals. They are dangerous and won't help with those red eyes, ya toker.
Arturo's hanging in there, but your film's supposed to be.
Remember to put a contrast sheet in while developing!
When making a test strip, don't forget to change the time to every 5 seconds!
And remember it's three clicks back from the brightest setting!
Should it be this close? I don't think so.
Grain focus with a piece of film paper!! Not on a plain surface!
When you're done exposing, remember not to leave your film in for too long!
Don't go on your phone to pass time, you'll ruin everything.
That's just wrong.
That's better but you gotta hold the squeegee the other way.
You just shouldn't put your hand in there.
Finally when you're dry mounting, remember that you again shouldn't put your hand in there. It's just for the photo.
just a bunch of goons

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