MISSISSAUGA 2.0 A Sustainable Future

Current Transportation Issues in Mississauga

The major population growth over the years in Mississauga has caused gridlock and congestion. The city needs to provide the citizen with new travel options. The city also needs a form of faster transportation near dense areas. The travel time to get to point A to point B is a major issue due to congestion.

why is this UNSUSTAINABLE?

Due to increased idling, and frequent acceleration and braking, wasted fuel increases air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions which may contribute to global warming. Increased fuel use also gas demand and more supply causing the gas prices to rise. Frequent acceleration and braking leads to more frequent car repairs and car parts replacements. Traffic congestion may interfere with the passage of emergency vehicles traveling to their destinations where they are urgently needed.

how will mississauga be sustainable?

Mississauga needs a rapid public transit system in order to get people to point A to point B. GO train stations can expand further into Mississauga to encourage people to take public transport to get to work. If more people get to work by public transport, there would be less traffic on the road for other people to get to work faster. There wouldn't be a problem if any emergency services need to pass. If more people get to work by public transport, there will be less carbon emissions in the air. The possible effect to global warming and other health effects will be decreased.

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