Jungle Life, Country Road and a Cosy Cabin in Nanyuki. Near mount kenya holiday home

Want to settle in Nanyuki? Smart Move!

Nanyuki Kenya is right on the equator on the slopes of Mount Kenya with a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks and the plains of Laikipia. Nanyuki Kenya strategic location and spectacular views prompted the British settlers during the early days of colonisation to build a town. Many remnants and descendants of these early settler families still live on the ranches around the town.

On sale is this 2-bedroom piece of real estate sitting on a slightly more than 1/4 acre (0.35 Acres) piece of Nanyuki territory. Located just 7 kms from the Nanyuki Airstrip, 12 kms from Nanyuki town and just 250 metres from the Nanyuki-Nairobi Highway, the area boasts plenty of AirBnB Offerings that support Nanyuki's flourishing tourism. If it's your thing, the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya are clearly visible early mornings. Plenty of grassed-up greenery for outdoor basking, ample parking, sufficient water and a cool breeze from the Aberdares Forest all blend in to finish up your savannah homely touch.

So we're giving you this 2-bedroom unit on a 0.35 acre at Kshs. 3.5M (35,000$) to claim your territory in this unique setting. It also boasts an open kitchen with all the requisite fittings, woody interior that leaves that natural touch of rural and surely connected to the grid. The nearest centre, Mureru is secure, with various packaged options of home-guard patrol. You can do anything you want on the extra land anyway, whether it's kitchen farming, setting up a grill or just allowance for child play, you'll have plenty to benefit from buying from us. As you view more photos in the glideshow below, Call 0741870560 or email ljrealtors@outlook.com for a deal today!!

  • Joseph L. Samwa
  • 0741870560
  • ljrealtors@outlook.com
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