Writing Process 6+1 Traits Presented by: Grace McNeil

Trait 1: Ideas

An idea of the story is something that is the main idea of the story. It is usually very clear and never confusing. It talks about how different writers don't just tell readers the information they show them it. By pointing out the things that are necessary to know about the story. If the writer does not show us this it is usually overlooked.

Trait 2: Organization

Organization is what it sounds like, it is the internal structure of a story. There are many things that you can base the organization of your story off of like compare and contrast, point by point analysis, and development of a central theme. Connections in a story is necessary to make it strong, otherwise readers will start to lose interest. There needs to be meaning behind the words you write.

trait 3:Voice

Voice means how the story sounds like and as a writer you have to set the tone of your story. This is a very important part of writing because the reader needs to have a sense of the characters tone, soul, and unique qualities as they read your story.

trait 4: word choice

Word choice means when the writer chooses to pick what words mean in their stories. You have to be able to pick the right kind of words to make it meaningful but yet seem simple enough in your story that it doesn't scare away readers because a word is too great. There is different levels and the strong word choice level is when the writer chooses fancy high quality words to impress their reader.

trait 5: sentence fluency

Sentence fluency is the rhythm and flow of the words in your story. It has to be the right flow of language so that when it is read aloud it is meaningful and makes sense to readers. Making each sentence unique and have different lengths so that the reader can move through it at a even pace.

trait 6: conventions

Conventions has to do with the mechanical part of writing. It consists of five elements spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar/usage, and paragraphing. At this level it is the only level that we make accommodations for certain grade levels. This is most definitely the more non-emotional part of writing since it is just conventions.

trait +1: presentation

Presentation is how we present what is on our paper to others. This includes using every space correctly so that our work looks presentable to others. Making sure that their is no empty space, making sure we have the correct words, knowing how to use the technology, etc. If we do not present our material correctly then our audience will not get the main idea we are trying to present to them.




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