Stephanie AlL about me and my scottish culture

My name is Stephanie Jane Black

This is me.
I was born in Michigan U.S.A

I can only speak english.

I have ancestors that came in on the may flower.
This is Elizibeth Cowan.
This is Edward Cowan.
This is the cowan family.
The baby is my 3x great grandma.
This is Gavin Brown.The baby grew up and merried Gavin and that is how the brown family started.Gavin is my 3x great grandpa.
This was their house in Port Huron in Michigan.
This is Edward Cowan's grave.
This is a ticket that they used.

My ancesters came to america for freedom and jobs to work on the Grand Trunk Railroad.

They sailed from Scotland.

My favorite foods are ...

My Grandma's meatballs,
Italian butter cookies and
Tea and biscuts.
Don't forget cannoli!

These foods are from my Italian, English and Scottish culture.

Some traditions and things I like.

In the summer we always go to the pool and then we go to Guernseys.The pool is in Novi.
Every year we go to the Highland Games and I like the bag pipers there.

I like cooking with my grandma or mom.

This ring is from the Highland games!
This is my famliy crest.This is how you say it. Si je puis (see zju puee.)

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and my scottish culture.


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