Kraft Mac-And-Cheese SAGE MORTSON & JON BOYD

Our 2 Chemicals: Calcium Phosphate and Sodium Phosphate

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium Phosphate in its natural form!!

Ionic Formula: Ca₃(PO₄)₂

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This chemical is placed in food to increase the activity of antioxidants (removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents) and stabilizes the texture of the food.

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Without this chemical, there could be a chance of damaging oxidizing agents, and there would be an odd texture

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This compound is used to strengthen your bones. "When it comes to this combination of nutrients, your diet has a better chance of lacking the calcium, but you probably don't need to worry about phosphate. When you’re low on calcium, your body resorts to taking it from your bones to ensure that levels of calcium in your blood are sufficient to keep muscles and nerves working. If you need to complement your diet, you may find calcium phosphate in supplements."

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If you take in too much of this compound, you can experience diarrhea, hardening of your organs and soft tissue. It can affect your body’s ability to effectively use other minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It can also cause mineral deposits to form in your muscles. It is rare to have too much of this compound in your blood. Typically, only people with kidney problems or those who have problems regulating this compound develop this problem.

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Your body removes this compound through the blood stream. If there is too much, your blood will filter out the compound through your kidneys.

Sodium Phosphate

Sodium Phosphate in its natural form!!!

Ionic Formula: Na₃PO₄

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This chemical is used in food to thicken and emulsify flavor (cheese)

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Without this chemical in food it wouldn't keep texture or flavor as long

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Your body uses sodium phosphate as a bone support but if you ingest too much it and be a major health risk.

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Sodium phosphate can cause serious kidney damage and possibly death. You can become constipated, you have severe stomach pain or bloating, you think you may be dehydrated (have lost a lot of fluid from your body), or you have or develop symptoms of dehydration such as vomiting, dizziness, decreased urination, and headache. Overdosing symptoms: seizures, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, dizziness, headaches and a decrease of urination

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Your body gets rid of this chemical by either filtering it out through our kidneys or filtering it out though your blood.

We Love Mac-&-Cheese!


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