ABC's of Africa By David Wyatt


1. Second largest continent in the world after breaking apart from the super continent known as Pangaea.

2. Africa is one of the only continents to still use a tribal system.

B: Berber

1. Nomadic tribe located roaming the north African desert called the Sahara.

2. This tribe is Nomadic so they almost never stay in one place for more than two weeks.

C: Cocoa

1. Cocoa is a type of bean used as an ingredient that is used to make many foods.

2. Cocoa beans were used as an ingredient for chocolate in the 1700's

D: Dogon

1. They study a religion that has many gods or idles which is called a monotheistic religion.

2. This tribe is 1500 years old but is still around today.

E: Equator

1. The equator is almost directly in the center of Africa.

2. The equator is an imaginary line in the center of the Earth were the sunlight hits the hardest which also means that it is the hottest place on Earth

F: France

1. We are talking about Africa but France made a big part of Africa's history and being a major factor in colonizing Africa.

2. France is a country located in Europe surrounded by the countries Spain, Italy, and

G: Ghana

1. Ghana was a rich empire located in west Africa.

2. Later when they were weak from all of the battles they were taken over by the Mali empire.

H: Holy Land

1. Thought to be heaven in the Islam religion.

2. The holy land was mentioned several times in the book of Quran.

I: Islam

1. They were an empire located in the northern region of Africa.

2. They were eventually taken over by the Moroccans.

J: Jade

1. A green gemstone found in African gem mines.

2. Was found a valuable resource for trade and used for jewelry in Africa

K: Kilimanjaro

1. The largest mountain found in Africa standing at 19,341 feet high.

2. Kilimanjaro used to be a volcano that last erupted 150,000 and 200,000 years ago.

L: Lavender

1. A plant found in Africa that has 47 known species.

2. Mainly found in temperate climates as an ornamental plant.

M: Maasai

1. A tribe found in the country of Kenya.

2. They classify themselves as a Nilotic ethnic group.

N: Nommo

1. A type of religion in Africa

2. This group believes that ancestors die and they are guided by their spirits.

O: Oji

1. An African instrument

2. Mainly used for spiritual atonement

P: Pygmies

1. They are a tribe that is mainly a group of men.

2. If they are taller than 4 foot 11 inches they are now classified as a pygmoid.

Q: Quran

1. The holy book for the religion of Islam.

2. Just like the Bible the Quran mentions several times that there is a holy land .

R: Rwandan

1. Language spoken in the African continent.

2. The main place the the language of Rwandan is in Rwanda

S: Songhai

1. An empire that dominated the western Sahel.

2. They lasted between the 15th and 16th century.

T: Tutsi

1. An African tribe in Africa.

2. They are located in the African Great Lakes region.

U: Udu

1. A type of African percussion instrument.

2. It was made out of a pot with a hole in the middle and the top.

V: Victoria Lake

1. Lake located in Africa that was 26,544 square miles in length.

2. The max depth is 83 meters or 272 feet deep.

W: Waterfall of Victoria

1. The rock of the cliff where the water goes is mainly maid of basalt.

2. There is a small ledge where you can sit on called the Devils teeth that you can sit on just feet away from the large drop.

X: Xhosa

1. An African tribe located on the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

2. They get food by their hunters and their gatherers.

Y: Yoruba

1. African tribe or ethnic group.

2. They have over 40 million people.

Z: Zulu

1. Bantu ethnic group.

2. They live in Zimbabwe or Zambia.


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