Sense Carissa russell

Welcome! This is a collection of poems that are connect with the concept of Sense. At a quick glance it would not seem that these poems have things in common, but while writing I noticed that I was using the word sense in two different ways. The first way is like the five senses, although instead of speaking I used silence. The second way based on the statement "common sense". I chose to keep it this way because I think that in this world there is a need to look at the same things, but from different points. I hope you enjoy this collection of poems.


Cold wet drops

Hit the skin

Closer to the heart than anyone else has ever been

Each splash removes something more

Slowly dripping to the floor

And puddles slowly pool, by each foot and enclosing


Water running


Leaving tracks of the past and the new future

The pressure of each drop

Like life’s worries


The sound cuts through the air

No, not sound. The lack of it

Silence cuts through the air like

A butter knife through hardened molasses


As words penetrate its atmosphere it chokes the world around it.

For silence is never heard

Sound, words break the fragile image

Like a glass slipping through the small hands of a baby.

But how children understand the strength of silence and the use of words.

How words remove the feeling of being alone,

But silence is never heard.


Sounds are forms of communication of the need and want

Of greedy people.

For silence is never heard


Silence! For silence brings, power

It brings peace and it is content.

Ideas grow, fester

And can be communicated through writing,

But more through



The power of standing there

Knowing your silence can start debates,

And can end many as well.

But silence is never heard.


I see them.

Nothing I say

will change the way they act

How ignorant

they are about what they say

Not knowing who it will affect

How it will affect.


I hear them.

The laughter

The soft giggles from the corner

The snickering at the back of the room.

With people like that,

It’s not hard to

Figure out what they think that they know I feel

The words that come from the mouths of those people






One thing to say

But society holds me back

Pulls me down

Forces me to watch,

to listen,

to just be there

And not be able to SAY a thing

To SPEAK like the others have spoken to me

Of me


People don’t see the pain behind eyes

Grunts and broken sounds

Because if there is no say then there are

no disagreements

Speech against the majority

Frowned upon

Speech against the minority


There is no ignoring what they do or say


So I write

Hoping that the words on the paper will come out strong enough

Big enough

Loud enough

So that one day

I no longer have to just



I say that I’m okay

But down inside I feel the hit of words


My walls are built on soft ground and I may say that it doesn’t hurt

That I have built my walls to withstand

But words are sly things.

And with walls built on soft ground, it takes time, but words get pass

They tunnel deep into the earth,

Come up the other side and hit me with whatever force that they have left


Hidden behind my walls I slowly crumble

Much unlike my culture and heritage

Because Latinos stay strong


“Si se puede” I am told to stay strong because we can.

But I shouldn’t have to be strong.

I shouldn’t have to give myself a talk every morning before school

To breathe, put up my walls, and prepare for the day’s round of words against me.

I shouldn’t have to pretend that I am so tough

That all 110 pounds of me can fight.

Not using my words, but my actions.


My walls to rest and to prepare for the next day.

This shouldn’t be my life but it is.

Created By
Carissa Russell


Created with images by MichaelGaida - "rain puddle water" • Clem Onojeghuo - "ripples" • Zoltan Tasi - "Silence" • Drew Graham - "Eye Of @BrookeMaroon" • John Salvino - "untitled image"

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