Give Me Liberty Or Give Me death By Havok

Unnatural Selection

2013 | Metal

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“Cut the rotting branches of Government that stop the people from having meaning today. -- Stay out of my business and keep to yourself, got to do things my own way. -- Minimizing freedom with your rules and regulations, a never-ending hunger to control. -- Choking out the life of your own population abusing the power you hold.”


  • Unnatural Selection was the band's last release on Candlelight Records
  • Rumor has it the band is writing a 5th studio album currently.
  • Check out our page on their song I Am The State.


Luke Tatum

In the first verse, there's a pretty strong condemnation against "abusing the power [the government] hold[s]." It's funny, because I don't often think of this wretched system as an "abuse" of power. Rather, it seems like we are the only ones questioning the very fact that such power can be bestowed. It's not that you need the right person in office, or more educated voters. It's the question of ending the state or not. Destroying the Ring of Power, if you will. Cast it into the fire! Destroy it! (And don't forget to blast some Havok while you do it.)

Sherry Voluntary

This song reminds me of some old Megadeth, and I like it! They are spitting the absolute truth here. The hunger for power and control is never satisfied for those who wish to rule and dominate others. The State and it’s minions are a blackhole of never ending authoritarianism. This is the problem I have with the “fight them from the inside” strategy. While you may accomplish some good, the system is legitimized leaving people to keep buying into it. The bad that politicians do always far outweighs the good and it is so much more difficult to repeal anything the government does than it is to institute it.

Nicky P

I really get down to some Havok. These guys realy get me ready for the boogaloo. I'll hear that trebly bass in my head as I crest the hill into battle...and get mowed down from a drone from above because literally all of our communications are being monitored. At least thats the point of the music video. The song tends to lean a little hard into the constitution for my tastes. Truth is if the constitution was supposed to protect us it failed. Most likely it was compromised from the begining to lead us here. Anything that lends legitemacy to the state is a step in the wrong direction. It's an excuse to not work on an actual society.

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Nicky P

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