Castles and Coding: The Dragon of Fortran Forest is a children's book that teaches key computer science principles to children in a lush fantasy world as a way to allow kids to become more engaged in computer science and coding.

Castles and Coding: The Dragon of Fortran Forest is an adventure story that follows four misfits on a grand quest to save their world. Using the powers of coding bestowed upon them, each must face and overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles. After traveling far and wide they join forces to face the final and ultimate challenge. As this epic journey unfolds, these unlikely heroes learn the true meaning of friendship, teamwork, and the true power of the coding powers.

Michael, a father of two boy,s and Lauren, a new aunt, found that they wanted to write a children's book that showed how coding could be fun. Together they created Castles and Coding: The Dragon of Fortran Forest as a way to introduce children to the world of tech and instill a love for the fantasy genre. This is the first book that explores the world of Pixelcopia and educates children in key computer science and other STEM principles.

Front Cover

Castles and Coding: The Dragon of Fortran Forest is written for ages 2-6 years and will be enjoyed by parents and children who love tech, programming, role playing games, and the fantasy genre while aiming to educate and interest kids in computer science.

Ada Grace kicking out some PHP

The Franchise

Transporting code into the fantasy realm

Castles and coding is looking to bring together coding and the fantasy realm. What better way than to create a series of children’s books and roleplaying games that infuses the fantasy realm with computer science.

Representing the coding Languages that inspired our fantasy characters we have:

Ada Grace - Fighter: PHP

Messy, doesn’t work well. Clumsy but effective. Works everywhere she's needed.

Dell - Barbarian: Ruby

Strong and emotional but can easily tap into his inner fury for the cause of good.

Marvin - Paladin: Java

A versatile warrior on a quest to ensure peace.

Perl - Wizard: C++

An incredibly powerful magic user who may not know her own strength at times.

The Adventure Team of Castles and Coding


Michael Palmer

For 13 years Michael Palmer taught computer science, engineering, English, and history for grades K-12. In addition, he worked as a web developer. In 2012, Michael founded Code Red Education that builds custom computer science programs for over 200 K-12 schools. When not teaching or working in the digital Tron landscape, Michael can be found with his wife and two children talking about how awesome his Lawful Neutral Cleric is.


Lauren Kirchner

Lauren is a printmaker, illustrator and graphic artist as well as the President of the Board for Art This Week Productions. Her passion is helping people of all ages gain free and easy access to the arts.. When she is not consumed by all things art, she is supporting her friends in Tom Clancy’s the Division or completely engrossed in Anime or Manga. In another world far, far away, she would be a rogue balancing the fence between good and evil.

For more information about Castles and Coding or to schedule an interview with someone from the team, please contact

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