Ancient Africa Christopher Killingsworth

Ancient Ghana was located in Western Africa, in the savanna, with many rivers. It was a hot and mainly dry place. To the north was the Sahara and the south had the savanna and some rainforests. They were polytheistic and they converted to Islam at the end of their rule. They were traded slaves for cloth and cattle. They traded with mainly Arabic tribes/empires. They traded gold and iron, this led to great trade with the Muslim's.Ghana means sonilike people used for their king, or warrior king. They were very wealthy. Their first king was Dinga Cisse. Muslim traders converted the people of Ghana the Islam. they now speak Arabic and they are very proud people of their culture.
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The Empire of Mali was in the Western African region.To the North was the Sahara and they bordered the Atlantic Ocean. It was mainly hot and dry. Their religion was Islam. Usually they traded with Arabic empires. Mansa Musa was a very important leader to Mali. This Empire lasted from 1235 CE to 1600 CE. People were divided into castes. One of the most respected ones were the farmers because they provided food for the Empire. They are food producers. They also have cultural fun like with music.

The Songhai Empire was located in Western Africa. They were south of the Sahara. They bordered the Atlantic Ocean. They were a dry and hot place, but they had a little part of the rainforest. They practiced Islam. Slaves were a huge part of trade for Songhai. They traded with Morroco and the middle east. They also trade with Asia, Africa, and Europe. Emporers had complete power in Songhai. THey had Islamic culture It isn´t a country but it is a food producing area.

The Askum empire bordered the Arabian sea and some of the Arabian Peninsula. They were mainly christians. The Askum empire usually traded with the Roman empire. They traded salt, gold, ivory, gems, cloths, glass, and olive oil. They had beautiful architecture, they had blended culture, and they were traders. They had their own language and their own coins. They aren't a current country but the empire surrounded what was once theirs but now it is Eritrea, Northern Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, and Southern Saudi Arabia.


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