holy people of the middle ages by Chloe hubble

Leo IX

His feast day is april 19th, it was his desire to have the catholic church

Catholics church 151st pope, declared a saint by the church.

Transformed the Roman papacy into a worldwide power, he was considered a bishop at age 25

St. Dominic

His three preachers became a community, they found a religious house to preach in

Saint of Astronomers and the dominican republic, wanted to link a organically life with god

Studied the arts of theology, became a canon of the cathedral at Osma

St. Francis of Assisi

Fought in a battle of Assisi and Perugia, spent a year in prison awaiting for his father's payment

Gave up a life of luxury to devote to christianity after he heard the voice of god

After prison he heard the voice of god, developed a deep love for animals and nature


Created with images by blondinrikard - "Cross" • Jorge Lascar - "The 30.6m ⌀ dome and the chandeliers with Islamic patterns - Hagia Sophia" • Jorge Lascar - "Entrance - Hagia Sophia" • Harold Litwiler, Poppy Big Oak Photography - "Aya Sophia, Istanbul Turkey" • Jorge Lascar - ""The girl and the cat" (Hagia Sophia)" • Herb@Victoria - "Stato della Città del Vaticano" • Michael 1952 - "The Class - Third Order Regular 1977" • 5518 Designs - "St. Dominic's Church" • Rennett Stowe - "St Dominic" • yeowatzup - "St Dominic Church, Macau" • HockeyholicAZ - "St. Francis of Assisi" • Randy OHC - "St. Francis of Assisi (full view)" • Anosmia - "Basilica of St. Francis" • Anosmia - "Basilica of St. Francis"

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