The oil sands are a vital part in Canada's global economy. This helps the world have safe and reliable energy to the world. Wait what is oil really that safe? Find on later in the presentation. Now back to what is it. Some people call Canada's golden tresure but why with all these diffent countrys produce large amouts of oil well with saudi arabia produceng the worlds largest amount but canada just a couple countrys behind. this makes canada roughy 6.6 billion dolars a year. all though this is a lot of money at leas some can be used in other areas such as climate change and other problems in the country. the oil sand sare located the north eastern part of alberta and they just go a little bit in to saskachewan. in the oil sand the produce crude with we can make gasoline.

66 billion dollars
where it is
the oil sands

extraction production

how do we get it out of the ground ?

The oil industry is sophisticated in terms of extraction this video below will explain in depth from start to finish. First the oil companies need to plan a spot to drill were there is oil after they find it they drill down about 4000 meters into the earth to get this then the suck all the oil up and purifier it then they ship it to go make products with it.

some major componies include

succor energy , Husky Energy and Canada Neutral Resources limited.


with oil you can make many products witch we can use to sell

This picture shows how many things we use on a daily basis that contains crude oil or petroleum some things we even eat . I find this weird because im put somthing poisines in my body why is this realy that safe

where do we export our oil

in canada with the growing amout of oil we dont need all if it sonwe export our oil to alotof countries like the united states and mexico our biggest export is the usa we send over 2000 bareels every day for 365 days this is huge for the usa beacause they dont have oil but we do sowe send them what they need most and we get money plus its really close for shipping costs. allthougth canada does not seem to trde thatmuch we mostly sell all of it.

issues and solutions

there are many issues with the environment the biggest one is pollutions then there's is ones with workers don't really don't get to see there families a lot.

a solution we can make is to use more renewable sources such as solar wind and hydro this will be hard but with work we can achieve great things



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