my little ball of hair Sara Mendoza

I was around 12 years old when for the first time I got my puffy friend. She was so tinny and when I got her, she was two weeks born. Her name is Peluchina, she even had teeth’s. I know it was too little to be separated from her mother but, I did not want her to die in someone where else. My sister Yesica rescue Peluchina from the streets in México. Peluchina was so sick there was a probability she can die, because someone try to give her a adult food and she just needed a feeding bottle to drink her milk so she can grow up. Peluchina got stomach problems like diarrhea, so we take her to the veterinarian for a check out, and put her basic shoots. The veterinary said this is just bones and ball of hair. He got surprised how peluchina still alive. We spent a weeks with medication and just serum. I remember the first time she taste puppy food. She got so excited that, when peluchina was eating her little body inclines to the front like getting in her two front feets. My little doggy is a box of surprises and there is an immense love that, I cannot get mad to Peluchina also fill up my heart with happiness.

She is a kind girl and playful. I teach her some tricks, like play hide and seek, wait for her food until I tell her to eat it, give me her paw and change it to the other one, set, lay dawn and get up and make a turn. I hide and she looks for me everywhere in the house, she try to look up in the table and be hand the doors. Peluchina just can run one mile with me, not really fan of showers and get into lakes. She don’t like the children’s and other dogs around her or me. I know is my fault not to make her be friendly with kids and other puppies, but she like the adult people’s. I buy to her toys and clothes to dress her up, I consent her so much, like she is my girl. Peluchina is smart, she knows when I am not in good humor or sad. She don’t care in what humor I am, shes is always on my side don’t matter what.

I have already nine years with her and is like time flies when I stop and remember the first time I got her. She was so little and just in a bilk of eyes she grows up. I love her so much with all my soul that, it does not matter who is but if someone missed with her they will pay for it. I’m really protective with her, I don’t want none one to said even a bad comment, because I got mad. There is a big love I fill for her that, I do what is all on my hands for peluchina and she can live better and happy. We have appended a long time together since I was a teenager to end adult person. I cannot image how my life is going to be without her one day. Sometimes she’s not in home for one day and the house is cold and empty. The day she dies, I know I will cry and remember her as my first and only love that I have now. I like when she look at me stares at me like treating to speak to me and sometimes she make her face like an angel.

Peluchina is my happiness since she came into my life and for the fist time melts my heart. She undresses me, make me get happy when I am sad. My ball of hair is so crazy to sleep and start kicks me also scare me when she start to dream and barking. I discover more facts of her, like the girls got her period. The house is so quiet and she starts to run around the table like for no reason, with her actions and unconditional love makes me happy. Peluchina is in the good and bad time, and I admired her, because does not matter how bad I got on her sometimes, she is there to share her loyalty and love to me. I whist peluchina can be eternal so I can enjoy with her the good moments she bring in to my life each day.

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sara mendoza


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