The Average Wedesday

It was like every other Wednesday night, around thirty degrees with a light snowfall. I'm with the 60 other people who are in the All-Star Ski Club scattered across Wachusett Mountain. I’m sitting at the peak looking at the snow capped trees waiting, for the mountain workers to finish grooming the best trail, Smith Walton. A big group of skiers and snowboarders alike, were ahead of me. Everybody was anxious to start going down the trail realizing that this would be one of the best runs they will have all night. This is especially since a blizzard just passed through and there was a lot of fresh snow on the trail. One old man in a bright yellow jacket, was so excited that he didn’t even realize that mountain workers were blocking off the trail and almost skied right by. After about five minutes the crowd has grown from a size of ten people to around 30 people. Finally the workers open up the trail and, the crowd yells in excitement. At the beginning it is a flatter section and that is when I realized that the crowd is much bigger than I imagined. I think to myself that something bad is going to happen. I see Scott and Drew go by, then my Dad pulls ahead of me. Finally I make it to the steepest section and I see the crowd of people start to spread out and take up even more of the trail. Those included are Scott and my dad, I can’t spot Drew, but knowing he is a good skier I continue to trail a little behind the large crowd. I come around the bend and follow everyone else knowing that I was halfway done and that the other trail would be closed due the fact that they would start grooming over their right after they finished Smith. So far this was the best skiing trail I had skied on all year. When going over a little lip I see a puff of snow come flying up and the crowd immediately spread away from the center of the trail. Some people trying to get out of the way even accidentally blowing snow onto the person who looked injured. As I was skiing over I saw that the person had their gear sprawled everywhere. I started collecting a ski and one pole. As I got closer I realized that the person still had one ski on, which may have injured them severely. and one ski farther ahead. When I finally handed the person their poles I saw that it was Nick, and was holding his knee in what looked like tremendous pain. I took off my skies and set them up in an “X” to warn everyone that Nick was injured. I stepped down and grabbed his other ski and walked back up to him, almost slipping and falling in the snow.

I ask Nick if he could possibly ski down to medical center to help him with his response being,“I am in too much pain.”

After waiting for a few minutes someone stops and tells me that they will go get ski patrol to help. After waiting for about three more minutes Nick finally said that he could ski so we go down to the lodge where Nick decides to take off his gear and looks up at me and says: “I’m going to stay in for the rest of the night my, knee is still in pain”. When being told this, me and Nick walk over and go get dinner. Finally I decide to just stay in the rest of the night with Nick until it is time to leave. On the way over to the bus Nick said that his knee was starting to hurt less. When we got on the bus Nick seemed to be in less pain and like every other night was listening to his music and not paying attention. From there it was a usual bus ride back with all of the screeching, screaming, and inaudible conversations.

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