Janaina Milheiro Workshop Preparation for the Business Strategy


1. To decode the success and explore the challenges of the Janaina Milhieiro business

2. To explore the potential future options for Janaina and the challenges and financing needed to continue the success

3. To develop a plan and tangible actions to move from today's position to the agreed strategy : Business structure, team, location, facilities, product lines, marketing strategy, social media, commercial chanel's, route to market, financing and cash flow...

Background to prepare before the workshop :

Before we can answer -

Where do I want to be in 3 to 5 years and how do I get there?

We need to be clear about where am I today ? Please come prepared with data or ideas on - Market split by type (revenues for the last 3 years by type i.e. mode, design, art). What is profitable? What are the volumes and Seling prices of each market type (averages if this makes more sense). Keys to success (connections, network, sponsorship). What is my USP (Unique Sales Proposition)? How easier is it for Janaina Milheiro Atelier ("JMA") to be copied/replaced? What is my brand and where am I in the value chain of luxury (luxury, prestige, mastige) How am I organised - team, ways of working, management of ideas, intellectual property, manufacturing process, cost of goods and split vs goods, time and marketing. How do I get new work (exhibitions, trade shows, galleries, word of mouth, network). What are my : Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats?

Where do I want my business to be in 3, 5, 10 years...?
Dare to dream....

Start to think through answers to :

What Product lines? Which Markets and what Mix? What Channels (Collection, retail, wholesale)? What kind of Team? Where will I be located? What kind of Clients? what will be the size of the business (From $300k to $3m to $30m?)

How do I want to get there? On my own... Building a team... Joining an existing House?

What kind of lifestyle do I want as the business grows?

What role do I want - during the growth and when I achieve the vision?

And anything else that you feel is relevant to our discussion !

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