Tornados By luke zieziula

What forms at high speeds and destroys anything in its path? If you guessed tornado you are correct! You are going to examine the all the huge dangers, what causes a tornado, and how to prepare for a twister.

A big tornado destroying everything in its path and making huge sounds that can be heard miles away

How to preapare for a twister

You should always be prepared for a tornado .Always be at low ground instantly before a twister can form.If you do not have a basement or any low platform in your house. Find a small space anywhere indoors.You can also tell if a tornadoe is about to form because there can be a really bad thunderstorm or a hail storm. you should always have a radio on in your house because it will tell you if a tornado is coming.A tornado will usually happen at the warmest part of the the time is about 5:00 to

A tornado just about to hit the ground

Dangers of a tornado

Tornadoes can turn out to be really dangerous. Tornadoes can go up to high speeds causing a lot of destruction. Tornadoes don't last long but they can flip houses easily. Twisters can kill over 500 people in one state. Tornadoes are natures dangerous natural disaster. More than one tornado can form. Tornadoes destroy or kill anything in its path. There are some states in tornadoes ally like Oklahoma ,Georgia, and Texas , and a lot more, these states are in danger of tornadoes. These are ways tornadoes are dangerous.

Fun fact the worlds deadliest tornado was in Illinois and killed 695 people and injured 2,027 people and traveled over 300 miles !!

A tornado can be small but can rip out trees and huge plants

What causes a tornado

There are things that can cause a tornado to form. Tornadoes can be caused by descending air which makes up drafts and down drafts.For an example These drafts causes hot and cold air that vaporizes and makes a funnel cloud.Then funnel cloud raises the hot and cold air and brings it to high altitude which causes the funnel cloud to spin and makes a tornado to form. This is how all tornadoes form.

Sometimes tornadoes don't even hit the ground

In conclusion Tornados are deadly storms, They can make huge dangers, they can form by all types of storms, and e ready to prepare for this violent storm. The tornado can be a really critical storm, Try to stay safe immediately


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