My Diary From Here To There By:Kaden

Opportunities, Chance

The gambler has a CHANCE to win big.

Comforted, console,reassure

This girl COMFORTED her friend and now she is feeling better.

Journey, Trip,Voyage

These people are on a JOURNEY.

Burst, Erupt

This kid BURST out in laughter.

Huddle, Cluster,Crowd

There is a HUDDLE of animals here.

Recognizes, Know,Identafi

This kid could RECOGNIZE the animals.


Created with images by meineresterampe - "roulette gambling game bank" • cherylholt - "girls children kids" • Unsplash - "volkswagen adventure travel" • Pexels - "africa boy child" • Erdmann-Crew - "goats horns goat's head" • markusspiske - "nature park wildlife park nature"

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