Relevance of caste system in India now


My topic is how the caste system affects India today. My research question is in relation to a problem that has roots that go deep into India's past and legacy, for centuries and centuries. My question is how the caste system discriminates the lower caste members today. It relates similarly to the slave problem in America, where African Americans were given less right right, and less opportunities for education and jobs. While the Indian government made it against the law to desrciminate, it is still happening everywhere. An example of the laws that the Indian government has made to prevent caste discrimination, was making a quota for spots at jobs and universities. By 1990, it had risen to 49%. I reasearched the recent events that happened envolving the caste system, and one case made a low caste member commit suicide.


The answer to my question is that it discrimination is very high even with laws against it. Higher caste groups are fighting to get into the quota for low caste groups, they desrminated and treated a Dalit college student, Rohith Vemula, (who would have belonged to "the untouchables") so badly that he killed himself, caste groups like the Jats and the Patels took to the streets with riots, roadblock, and burning buildings because they are not happy with government action, even though both groups are the wealthiest caste group in their state. A problem with having a quota for jobs and universities is that the next generation do not have the same lack of opportunities for education, making it far easier to get into a University and to get a job because they have a far lower recruitment standard. At the same time, once you are at that University, you are treated like dirt, or like you did not deserve to be there.


In conclusion, I learned that the caste system majorly affects India today. This is because the legacy of India and its religion of Buddhism and Hinduism have replicated a monarchy of the common people and that monarchy was built so strong it is still around centuries later. Americans should know about the concepts and ideas put into action by Buddhism and Hinduism, because when a questionable action is talked about in current events, we will know why it happened instead of just staying clueless.


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