Canbury School Newsletter 28th September 2018. issue 136

Dear Parents and Visitors

My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who worked to make Open Morning such a success last Saturday. We had the most amazing turn out, with record breaking numbers of families being given the full tour, with bells on. Staff and students turned up bright-eyed and bushy tailed on a weekend morning and absolutely rolled out the red carpet for our visitors. Thanks must go to those parents who also ferried their charges to and from Canbury. We have had heart-warming feedback from many of our visitors, even the lady seen here having a flaming good time (sorry) in the Science laboratory! In addition, one of our newest recruits in Y7 was heard to announce as they headed off for home "that was the best Saturday morning ever!".

Teamwork at Canbury Open Morning - there's no "i" in "team"!

If you'd popped into school today you would have got a surprise, as we are not all in business wear and school uniform, but are instead in our jeans, as we raise money for Genetic Disorders UK. Thank you to those who sent the suggested £2 donation to enable them to study in their denim. All money raised - and we are still counting the pennies - will go to this national charity which supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Johnson (in red) V Campbell (in blue). What could possibly go wrong?

I must say, it's amazing how dressing smart makes you work smart. All the more reason to wear your Canbury uniform with pride! However it was great fun at lunchtime watching students and teachers competing in the three legged race (see above). Mrs Branney also led on a thought-provoking assembly about how crucial medical research into genetic disorders is. I think we all learned something new today.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Well done to Zac for logging onto Parallel.org for Mathematics.

The whole of Year 7 did really well in Music this week, learning notation, and writing out their own rhythmic phrases. Well done!

Year 8

Well done to Matthew for logging onto Parallel.org for Mathematics.

Shaaiyon has achieved his black belt in Numeracy Ninjas.

Kiran for sustained effort in English.

Year 9

Alex for excellent effort in his Physics homework and lessons.

Armani and Shiroxley for attaining their black belt in Numeracy Ninjas.

Victor for excellent contributions to English - particularly his role play.

Year 10

Very well done to Josh and James who recently both scored 91% in their end of unit Mathematics assessment.

Matthew for an excellent score on his end of unit Mathematics paper.

Drew for her concerted effort in lessons this week.

Emily for careful, thoughtful work in English.

Year 11

Jasmina for getting 91% on her probability paper in Mathematics.

Eugenia for coming to Mathematics Clinic two weeks running. That's dedication Eugenia. You will reap the reward!

Luca, Sonia and Felix for contributions to English discussion.


Year 11 have achieved excellence in five Year 11 skills on ixl. As a school we have answered 10,000 questions on ixl.com since the beginning of the academic year and completed more than 65 hours outside of lessons. That is an awesome start to the school year. Keep it up!


Our Year 7 students have now received their chosen books - a generous gift from BookBuzz, a scheme designed to promote books and readings within school. Year 8 are also part of the scheme and have also each received a book.

Top left clockwise: Adam, Carl and Flora show off their new books. 'Looks like we have some avid animal lovers at Canbury.

It’s National Poetry Day next week. Canbury will be marking the day on Friday 5th October with a lunchtime session of retro-fridge magnet poetry. “Retro” (writes Mr Natt) because the activity won’t use the expensive magnet sets but will be a low tech cut and paste activity with pre-printed word banks.

1pm Friday in the English Room - all welcome.

(Year) 7 go camping.......

Year 7 students had a marvellous couple of days and one night under the stars on their residential trip to High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre. The setting in 56 acres of woodland on Box Hill, near Dorking, in the tranquil Surrey Hills 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' was simply perfect.

Our students were fabulous ambassadors for Canbury, throwing themselves into the activities with aplomb. A special shout out must go to young Flora, who climbed 11, that's 11, crates unaided and on her own. She was fearless, and most impressive!

Our Year 7 campers returned home happy but exhausted. How lucky were they with the weather?

Many thanks to Mrs Branney, Mr Barnes, Mrs Bowen, Miss Dar, Miss Senanayake and Miss Zuza who kept the troops on the go, safe and fed.

Let them eat cake!

There's still time to get your pinny on and baking for Macmillan Cancer Support. Mrs Bowen is busy arranging the first ever Canbury bake off. We need three lemon drizzle cakes and three chocolate cakes to be baked and brought into school for Friday please. Our judging panel will have a hard time deciding on first, second and third place for the cakes. Entry is £5, with all proceeds going to Macmillan. Please email Mrs Bowen if you would like to be one of our six (student, parent or staff) contestants: mbowen@canburyschool.co.uk

The fundraising will kick off with coffee and cake for parents and friends of Canbury School in the school hall from 8.15 - 9.15. Students and staff can enjoy their cake sale at break time followed by the judging of the Great Canbury Bake Off. So don't forget your cakes and pennies for the cake sale. Please do not send in any cakes with nuts as we are a no nut school. Thank you.

A date for your diary. Contact Mr Orchard or Miss Ross for more information, although we hope to share detail shortly.

I say I say I say......now for something completely different

Our very own Miss Scott is performing on stage next Friday - and we're all invited!

A jaunty romp through the history of the Golden Age of Music Hall awaits. Music Hall artists, Tommy Parsons & Miss Scott will take us on a journey from its very beginnings through to its 1890s heyday with the likes of Marie Lloyd and Champagne Charlie, on to wartime recruitment and the cross-dressing Vesta Tilley of the Great War.

Kick to the Head in association with Funny Stories Productions present "Now Here’s a Funny Story" by Mitch Feral - and yes, that's Miss Scott!

The fun begins at 7.30pm in Thames Ditton and is billed as a fun sing-along evening, guaranteed for audiences of all ages and highly illuminating for those interested in the roots of popular entertainment, the culture of the late Victorian era and The First World War.


Tickets and all information at: https://verafletcherhall.co.uk/events/now-heres-a-funny-story/

Meet the member of staff

Miss Knivett - A Nat King Cole fan with a hankering for a dog.....

Las Vegas, Paris or Sydney?

Sydney please. I've been to Paris, and Las Vegas isn't my kind of thing. Plus, I could visit a friend and previous Canbury teacher, Miss Charles.

Sydney Opera House - will Miss Knivett ever get there?

What would be your perfect way to relax?

Sitting on my sofa with a hot drink watching something on Netflix or YouTube.

Favourite subject at school?

Textiles is the subject which springs to mind; I could express my thoughts through my art when I couldn't always express myself verbally. Although it's close between Textiles, Mathematics and Philosophy & Ethics.

And one you perhaps struggled the most with - and did it become easier over time?

Science. I have to say it didn't excite me much (sorry Science department). It didn't help that being in the triple Science group meant we had to stay longer than the others at school, not fair! I find it easier now that I don't feel forced into it.

Favourite teacher, EVER, and why?

My favourite teacher was my English teacher at A Level. She listened so well and noticed everyone, including those who were shy, like I was. She was gentle, organised, fair and very down to earth.

Share a go to recipe which is quick and easy to prepare, and we don't mean beans on toast!

Mars Bar Rice Krispy squares. No baking required. I've got to thank the lovely Miss Kaiser for that recipe.

Top tip for getting homework done?

Having a calm, organised space that's specifically for working.

Is this Miss Knivett's idea of a quiet orderly space for homework?

Have you ever read a book, seen a show, watched a film or listened to a piece of music which made you cry? What was it?

Pretty much every Canbury show makes me cry because I am so proud of the students. I tear up at Nat King Cole's Orange Colored Sky; my late Grandfather used to sing it to me, and he would do a silly dance along with it.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In Surrey still, working as a counsellor and perhaps starting to think about having a child of my own...0r maybe just a dog!





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