Go Go Go Kart Project Xavier Scott

Problem Statement - The purpose and goal of the project is to make a functional Go Kart with a budget of $25 and it is a long term project that will be tested at the end of the year. The project will be graded on a scale based on

Research -

The drill will be bolted down and attached to a stick/rod to move the wheels.
The drill will be used with a chain to be able to rotate the

Design -

The steering system is controlled by a string pulley
The electronics are the horn and the turning signals
The string is attached to the drill and it is the throttle to push the go kart
The body will be a large body with a seat that is mounted up by a plank of wood
The brake will be stopped by a plank that is attached to a string
The OnShape file of the Go Kart

Build -

The ShopBot contruction
The frame being sanded down for smoothness before construction
The "seat-board" and the "bottom" connnected
The actual bottom attached to frame
The leverage system
The frame is complete!
The Original Wheel and steering systems for the go kart
Created By
Xavier Scott


By: Xavier Scott

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