Is Graffiti Art? Valezka guerrero

Some people confuse graffiti and say its vandalism. Others prefer to call it art, but is it really art?

This artists express themselves by painting. Instead of drawing on a paper they like to go BIG. When they paint they can be feeling infinite types of emotions, and that is what the painting will say about them. For example: if the picture is unhappy (like the one below) it means the one who painted could have been sad at the moment, or must be going through a really hard time.

Just like some people think its art, there are others who think its vandalism. But when exactly is it vandalism? Its considered vandalism when they paint on peoples properties with permission. But this can also bring fights, gang-related crimes and violence are most commonly associated with graffiti.

When an area has extensive graffiti, people get scared and property value decreases and crime may increase.

So I made a research and founded some very cool graffiti and these were my favorites:


Created with images by ShonEjai - "background graffiti grunge" • John Christian Fjellestad - "painting 153" • teetasse - "street art graffiti new york" • ell brown - "Police and graffiti" • jo.sau - "Shanghai Moganshan lu" • Steenbergs - "Gekko Graffiti" • jo.sau - "Shanghai M50" • shakesocial - "street art urban graffiti" • majomka - "graffiti street art heart" • Noah Sussman - "Um that doesn't look like WK's work :)"

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