The Terra Cotta Warriors By: Avary frankel

The terra cotta warriors were built to come with emperor Qin to the afterlife. They had been buried underground for hundreds of years until they were discovered by farmers digging a well.

The terra cotta warriors affected Ancient China in different ways. One way was when they were being built. It was hard work that took a long time and 700,000 forced laborers. The laborers could have been doing other more important jobs to help Ancient China. The terra cotta warriors also used clay that could have been used for something else.

a terra cotta warrior

Another way they impacted Ancient China was because they all had weapons. There were over 6,000 terra cotta warriors and most of them held weapons. All of those swords, crossbows, and even chariots had been kept underground for hundreds of years. Maybe those weapons could have been used in battles after Emperor Qin died and helped the Qin Dynasty last longer.

Terra cotta horses pulling a chariot

All of those things affected Ancient China in a negative way. The terra cotta warriors are an amazing historical artifact, but their construction used lots of time and resources. The terra cotta warriors would have been most beneficial to Ancient China by not being built and using weapons and armor.

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