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I spend a lot of my time reading, watching & listening. I love to browse bookshops looking for that elusive book that will tell me something new & I like to watch videos on YouTube that tell a story (that is, when I'm not watching my favourite bands from the late 60s onwards!).

This is a list that I update every now & then. I hope that you find something of interest. But do remember that sometimes to read something and then to just stand & stare, whilst you think, is OK.

The books

Running Free by Richard Askwith. Whilst this is about running it is actually about so much more. Richard deals with living your life to the full and that, to live your life, you do not need to overfill it with loads of "stuff".

Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall. We are all born with the ability to perform like the heroes from Ancient Greece, we just have to know what to do. Chris has a great ability to wrap a load of advice in to a good story, in this case the kidnapping of the German General, Heinrich Kreipe, on Crete during the 2nd World War. (This links "Ill Met by Moonlight" with parkour!)

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. Yuval has become a respected commentator on how we live. His book deals with a history of humankind, passing comment on why we are where we are today. My favourite is that Yuval says that the agricultural revolution was the biggest con mankind has ever experienced, giving rise to our 24/7 culture. I also like Yuval's book Homo Deus, which deals with a view of the future, a view that Yuval wishes us to avoid but we will have to change our ways.

Rip it Up by Richard Wiseman. Richard follows the advice of William James in that if you wish to have a quality you should act as though you already have it. The only downside to this book is that it is written as a "self help" book, but don't let that put you off, as there is an incredible amount of good information packed away in side.

Why We Sleep by Prof Matthew Walker. Reading this book could save your life. A lot of information about sleep but written in a very readable fashion.

Walking: One step at a time by Erling Kagge. Kagge tells us how to slow down and take more in, to travel leisurely, we grow wiser.

Motivation & Personality: Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow. Everyone has heard of this but almost everyone applies Maslow's principles in the wrong way. Our Primary Needs have to be met everyday by eating the right food, getting enough sleep and creating a balance in our bodies. Maslow is not about how to evaluate what salary you need to pay. It is about how you live every day, every year.

video youtube film

Why Do We Sleep? Prof. Russell Foster. TED 2013. A brilliant TED talk on the reasons we sleep and what happens if we don’t get the required 8 hours

Dr Chatterjee http://drchatterjee.com/youtube. Dr Chatterjee is a GP based in NW England. Author of books on health.

blogs & Websites

Dr. Philip Maffetone: https://philmaffetone.com. Dr Phil is an internationally recognised researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of food and nutrition related to sport & running.

Erwin le Corre - MovNat: https://www.movnat.com Anyone can gain from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those quite out of shape. You don’t have to be fit to move but you do have to move to be fit.

Don’t Tell Me the Score. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06qbt0y/ What can sport teach us about life and how best to live it? Each week Simon Mundie sits down with an expert and uses sport to answer life’s big questions.

The Food Medic, https://thefoodmedic.co.uk/the-podcast/ The Food Medic's aim is to educate, inspire, and to help everyone achieve better health.


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