My Mainstreet Town of Parker & P3 | March 5, 2018


The goal of the project is to generate community and Town Council consensus on the future development opportunity of four properties and to then identify a developer(s) who will enter into a development agreement with the Town. This project offers a critical opportunity to strategically engage the community around community benefit in the downtown area, analyze market demand and opportunity, and building strategic networks and capacities for the larger economic and social growth throughout the entire Parker community.

Project Steps

Market Analysis | March - April

We will start this project by conducting a market analysis. This market analysis will outline what kind of development is possible in downtown Parker as determined by the economy.

Refine Community Vision and Values for Downtown | April - June

During this step, we will be working to create a common consensus around what we want to see and experience in downtown. Expect several different engagement opportunities so you can share your vision for downtown Parker.

Identify Uses and Amenities | May - July

Engage with us and tell us what you would like to see in downtown Parker! Once we determine what kind of development we want to see in downtown Parker, it's time to further define the type of development that will be allowed in this space and what public amenities should be a part of the project. Development could include retail, residential, or mixed use.

Implementation Measures | August - October

The Parker Town Council will review what the market analysis says, the values that have been established for downtown Parker, and the uses and amenities the public would like to see developed. From here they will review what processes and potential incentives that need to be in place to make the redevelopment happen.

Identify Development Partners with Intention to Redevelop | September - October

Once we know what the economy will allow and what residents want to develop on these lots, P3 will look to partner with the private industry to bring the My Mainstreet vision to life.

Town Council Study Session - February 2018

Town Council Activity

  • STEP 1 Jot down potential land uses that could be feasible for each site
  • STEP 2 Categorize Uses
  • STEP 3 Dot voting as a group for favorite potential uses at each site

Council Use Rankings

19801 East Mainstreet

  1. Bar/Restuarant/Distilery
  2. Retail/Office
  3. Mixed Use including Residential
  4. Art
  5. Hotel

East Main

  1. Mixed Use
  2. Retail/Restuarant
  3. Event Space
  4. Mini Golf/Recreation
  5. Hotel

Pine Curve

  1. Marketplace (Indoor & Outdoor)
  2. Grocery
  3. Arts/Education
  4. Food/Retail
  5. Golf
  6. Mixed Use including Residential

PACE Lot 2

  1. Bar/Restaurant
  2. Art
  3. Boutique
  4. Parking
  5. Market
Town of Parker Staff Exercise - January 2018

Town Staff's Opportunity Rankings

Town staff offered opportunities that could be seen across all four sites. These uses are not site specific, but reflect use themes that they believe are appropriate for these sites and will offer values to the residents of Parker.

  1. Commercial (Dining, Hotel, Brewery, Grocery)
  2. Office/Employement Hub
  3. Health
  4. Housing
  5. Parking
  6. Green Space/Active Transportation
  7. Design
  8. Education
  9. Art
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