A Green Awakening: Examining Consumer Attitudes Toward Green Beauty Products within the Canadian Market By Isabeau Verbeke


Awareness has been growing of the need to reconsider our relationship with the planet’s finite resources. In the past few years, concern for the management of these resources has picked up momentum and urgency. Dramatic weather events, food insecurity, and the current pandemic have all contributed to increased awareness and concern for the environment. At the same time, consumers are becoming more aware of the health-harming toxins that are pervasive in conventional beauty products, such as endocrine-disruptors and carcinogens. As demand for non-toxic ingredients, safer manufacturing practices, and transparent uniform regulations get stronger, green beauty has become a rapidly-growing segment within the beauty industry.


This study provides insight into Canadians’ perception of green beauty and their motivations for purchasing such products, so as to highlight the strength and nature of the green beauty trend.

Research Questions

  1. What factors influence or would influence consumers to buy green beauty products?
  2. What are the main barriers to purchasing green beauty products?
  3. Do consumers trust the accuracy of labels that claim products are green?


When conducting preliminary research, I found that little scholarly attention has been paid to the impact of the green movement on the cosmetics market in Canada. This study as described below, can assist businesses and marketers to better understand Canadians’ purchasing behavior and attitude toward green beauty products. The findings will also be relevant to consumers, who may be interested in learning more about this burgeoning industry. The rapid growth of the green beauty industry, coupled with the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding the subject drove this research project.

Researcher Bio

Isabeau Verbeke is a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University. During her undergraduate years, Isabeau has studied a range of topics, including business management, social media, digital design, visual communication, crisis communication, and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach has given Isabeau a broad perspective on critical approaches to media, communication, technology, and culture. Additionally, it has honed her skills in writing, project management, and public speaking. Isabeau also has four years of experience working in the luxury hospitality industry in Canada and the United Kingdom. Post-graduation, she hopes to work in a dynamic setting in one of her fields of interest.

Created By
Isabeau Verbeke