The Black Death The worst moments in life

This is something that will help you understand how much it killed and percent of them.
This looks like a rat skull.
People died and they were infected with the spredding disease that killed a lot.
The doctors used something like this so the doctors could not get the disease that spread quickly in many places.
Many animls died at this time decause of the spreading the sicknes went.
These tipes of animals is What helped spread the sickness that went from one place to another one.
People where put into graves a no one could cure it so people died.
You could see the skin rotting off and terning into a pile of bones even kids and babys got them.

Would something about it is funnywhat did the rest of the people live are die?🤔🤔🤔

Bye and I hope this makes you think about the Black death More and learn More about it.✌🏼


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