Ethiopian Cusine The making of INJERA

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the city of Mekele in Northern Ethiopia. As I traveled north, I could see the dry mountains and rugged terrain from the airplane. It looked like harsh land to live on.

I also traveled north of Mekele to the Tigeray region small towns of Adigrat and Wukro near the border of Eritrea.

The people have created homes and villages right into the side of the mountains. The land is hard and rocky - not ideal for farming. In many travel brochures, pictures of the ancient churches that are carved in to the side of mountains can be seen. Seeing the land in person helped me to appreciate the harshness and beauty of the life in this area.

During my visit it was harvest time for the popular grain Teff; the main ingredient needed to make Injera (a large soft pancake) used in the place of silverware and is a staple in the Ethiopian diet. We saw several folks taking their harvest into town on donkeys.

This region does not produce enough Teff to sell to the rest of the country - they barely harvest enough for their families. From farm to table, Teff is valuable asset in Ethiopia. Teff is also becoming popular as a "super food" in Europe because it has no gluten or other preservatives that folks may be allergic to.

This picture is of a plate of Injera with different meats and vegetables. This tray is for a whole family who eats from one tray. I have friends who have offered to teach me how to make traditional Ethiopian dishes. I am excited to try my hand at something new.

I encourage you to find an Ethiopian restaurant in your area and try Injera. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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