Edward Gein Tanner Hazlett

  • Background life
  • What he did
  • Why he did it
  • What happened to him
  • Was he organized
  • Inside his home

Background: Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The son of an alcoholic father and a super religious mother, Gein grew up alongside his older brother, Henry, in a household ruled by his mother's religious preaching.

What he did: He would go prowling cemeteries to unbury recently buried female corpses. He would cut off body parts and keep them as trophies, returning the corpses seemingly undisturbed to their graves. In 1954, Ed Gein turned from grave robbing to murder.

Why he did it: Well it all started soon after his mother, Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, passed away in 1945 so i feel as if this could be a large factor to it all.

What happened to him: On November 16, 1957, Bernice Worden disappeared, and police had reason to suspect Gein, upon searching Gein's house, investigators found Worden's decapitated body in a shed, hung upside down by ropes at her wrists. He was later arrested.

Was he organized? : No i wouldn't say so as in both his confessed murders he left the crime scene messy also the fact that inside his home he had many household items made out of bodies he had dug up.

In his home: In his home investigators found four noses, nine masks of human skin, bowls made from human skulls, ten female heads with the tops sawed off, human skin covering several chair seats, Mary Hogan's head in a paper bag, Bernice Worden's head in a burlap sack, Nine vulvas in a shoe box, skulls on his bedposts, organs in the refrigerator, a pair of lips on a draw string for a window shade, a belt made from human female nipples, and a lampshade made from the skin from a human face.

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