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Q: climbing Mount Everest, is it a good or bad idea?

I think climbing Everest is definitely not worth the risk. This is because there are many ways you could die on Everest. One way is if you don't acclimatize to the oxygen level at each camp. You could also die on the khumbu icefall if one of the ice pieces falls on you. In conclusion, climbing mt Everest is not a good idea.

The summit of Mount Everest

Q: globalization: making the world stronger or weaker?

A: I think globalization is making the world stronger. This is because it provides jobs for millions of people and you can access different products cheaper. Globalization provides jobs for millions of people. For example, 4 million people in rural Bangladesh work in the garment industry. Globalization also makes products cheaper. For example, most sneaker production moved from the USA to Asia because it costed less that way. In conclusion, globalization is making the world stronger because of job opportunities and lower prices.

Technology is a huge part of globalization
A t-shirt like this is part of globalization.

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A passport is something you get after becoming a citizen.

Q: What does it mean to be a good citizen? A: To be a good citizen you have to know and do your responsibilities and rights, and follow the law. For example, one right is Freedom of Religion. It means you can have any religion or no religion. Another example is one responsibility is paying taxes. The last example is that you need to follow the law. If you didn’t, you would be in big trouble and would have some punishments. To conclude, there are many ways to be a good citizen, and three of them are know your rights, do your responsibilities, and most importantly, follow the law.

In a democracy, people vote for a leader.

Q: what is the best form of government and why? A: I think the most effective form of government is democracy. I think this because its rule by the people and it’s fair. The first reason is that it means rule by the people. This means that the citizens help make the decisions of the government. It is the opposite of an autocracy. An example of this is Athens. They had one of the earliest direct democracies. Another reason is that it's fair and usually has limited government. In democracy, the majority wins, everybody gets a say, and everyone has equal power. That's fair and every person in the society is happy. America has a democracy, and its been successful. In conclusion, democracy is the best form of government because it's rule by the people and it's fair.

The flag of the European Union

Q: What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations in the EU? A: There are a lot of forces that work for and against supranational cooperation. One force that works for supranational cooperation is the creation of the Common Market. The Common Market has more stuff to buy that costs less, and more opportunities for people who want to work, since they can work or live in any EU country. One force that works against supranational cooperation is the western part of Europe and the money that it has. The western part of Europe doesn’t want to give up money to the EU to fund the central/eastern parts that have less wealth. Another force that works against supranational cooperation are cultural traditions. For example, one dish prepared in the Czech Republic is cooked slowly, and tastes even better the next day. But EU law states that you can’t serve food that was left more that's 2 hours cold. In conclusion, the EU wants supranational cooperation, and there are forces that are for and against that.

Q: How can dividing a diverse country into regions make it easier to understand?

Map of Nigeria

A: Dividing Nigeria into regions makes it easier to understand because the regions are based on direction and ethnic/cultural groups/regions. Nigeria is split based on direction. The regions are Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, and Eastern Nigeria. Nigeria is also split based on different cultural groups. the Hausa in northern Nigeria are Muslim/Christian, the Yoruba in western Nigeria are mostly just Christian, and the Igbo in eastern Nigeria are Christian. in conclusion, Nigeria’s regions make it easier because they are split based on direction and cultural groups.

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