Electronic Bracelet Christopher conte

Project Summary

The main idea of this project was to sew together an interactive bracelet. We used conductive thread to connect the battery and the LED light, in order to create a circuit. We learned that the positive side of the battery and the positive side of the light need to be connected in order to complete the circuit. Same thing with the negative sides as well. However, while sewing the light and battery together with the conductive thread be careful to avoid short circuits. A short circuit can be formed when a piece of thread is touching another. Short circuits will cause your light to not function properly.

Blueprint/Rough Draft of Bracelet


  1. Battery
  2. Felt
  3. Conductive Thread
  4. LED Light
  5. Clips
Conductive Thread
LED Lights


First, I anchored the battery down toward the left of the bracelet with two positive and negative sides on both the left and the right. Next, I began to sew the conductive thread from the battery to the light, which is located near the middle of the bracelet. I connected the positive sides before I connected the negative sides to avoid a short circuit. Last, I anchored the LED light down in order to help it stay in place. Here is a video showing how my bracelet works.


  1. Make sure you create a rough draft or blueprint before actually beginning to create your bracelet (like the example given up there^).
  2. Be sure to sketch out where the conductive thread will be going in order to avoid a short circuit problem.
  3. Make sure your battery and LED Light are anchored probably with either conductive or regular thread.
  4. Make sure your battery isn't dead, if so it will need to be replaced.

The End

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