Nintendo's Big News by: Ben DUTTOn

November 18 2012, was the year the Wii U came out. It's now been 4 years until the new console came out the “Nintendo Switch”. Just when you think the Wii U was the greatest console of all time because you can play it while someone is watching TV, well now Nintendo has just released the new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo did it again but is this thing really worth your money? In this article I will be telling you about the Nintendo Switch. is it really worth your money? Or is it. I will be reviewing each side

Why You Should Get it

“It’s like a DS and like a Wii U all combined in one, simply turn on the Nintendo switch and you can play it anywhere you want to" says Hiroshi Yamauchi, the owner of Nintendo. The Nintendo switch can go anywhere”. At the time the Nintendo switch one the reward for best gaming console to be sold in 24 hours, over one million people bought the new Nintendo Switch. You may be thinking why, well the Nintendo Switch is different than a normal console. You can take this little console anywhere it can simply fit in your pocket, if you're going on a plane ride you can play on it because it doesn't need wifi to always work. Or in a car ride if you're bored.

Why You Should Not Get it

All good things must come to an end” says Geoffrey Chaucer, in this case it's kind of true. Yes the Nintendo Switch has some good sides but also this popular new console has some downsides. If you are a 8 year old kid this console wouldn't be good for you. The console is way to small. The screen is about 4 inches high and the 6.4 inches long. But the controllers are located on each side which are very small with a length of 4 inches high and 2 inches long. Another bad thing about the Nintendo Switch is the lack of games. Right now there is only one game “ The Legends of Zelda”, but what if you don't like that game. Then your screwed because as of now there is no other games avail

So next time you go to the store and see the new Nintendo Switch think about is it really worth 450$. Or is it. Hopefully the information I told you will make your decision more accurate.


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