Relaxation by ella

here is a website on relaxation ENJOY!!!

what is relaxation ? I think that relaxation is the act of relaxing the mind and body and can also be said as being relaxed.

Five things people do to be Relaxed


Listening to calming music can help a child regain focus. I love to listen to music it helps me calm down even when something's hard or i need to get things done music is definitely something to to help.


Laughter reveals stress and soothes tension and helps the body relax. Laughter helps make me feel happy and there is no stress about it sometimes i laugh at things that aren't even funny.But i alway feel good afterwards.


Toe tensing draws tension down from the rest of the body. This is a exercise that is to do with toe teasing. Lie on your back and allow yourself to tease your toes. Use your toe muscles to pull all ten toes back in the direction of your face and hold to the count of ten.Relax your toes and hold to the count of ten.


Cuddling thing / pet /parent/ etr helps to lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones. I Find cuddling this makes me feel warm cozy and loved and more and to feel like that all you have to do is cuddle something so next time you feel stressed cuddle something .


Exercise is a great form of relaxation. Walking, running, swimming and etr it all provide the kind of exercise that children need and love . Exercise is what you need to keep you body relaxed and moving if you ever feel stressed then try to do some exercise. because that works.

keep in mind this because I'm sure that one of these will work for you .

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I do this to feel relaxed [ playing sport ]

Playing sport helps me to relax because you concentrate on the game It's also really good because it gets your heart pumping fast and is a great way to get exercise which helps calm down and you spend time with friends.

here is some mindfulness exercises

  1. Breathe in to a count of four, and hold the breath for a count of four. Then breathe out to a count of four, and wait for a count of four before breathing again. Do this four times
  2. Breathe in to the count of seven, and then breathe out to the count of five. This is done through your nose. Repeat nine times..
  3. put one hand on your chest and the other on your tummy. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Make sure you breath through your diaphragm not your chest. Do this six times. Make sure you take deep and slow breaths.

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