San Francisco by Rohan Shenoy Kudpi

I have had a lot of great trips in my lifetime, but the one that I am going to pick is my trip to San Francisco over the summer. These are the reasons that I would pick this trip: going on the Golden Gate Bridge, The Academy of Sciences, Pier 39, and Alcatraz Island.

First to get to San Francisco, we had to drive 10+ hours to get to San Francisco, but it was worth the waiting. First, we crossed the iconic Golden Gate bridge to enter the city. When I first saw the bridge, I thought ¨wow, how do they get all the money to maintain the bridge?¨ I then learned that when you finish riding the bridge, you have to pay a fee for riding the bridge. Now into what the bridge looked like. It was huge, with cables the size of trains, and 2 dividers that were 300 feet tall! Throughout the trip, we crossed this great bridge 4 times, meaning 6.8 miles of driving on the bridge!

Next, we went to the Academy of Sciences. It was the best museum ever. First we saw lots of marine life like Manta Ray and fish in the tanks. Then when we turned to the left, we saw the giant, and rare albino (white) alligator, whose name was Claude, sitting and relaxing in his tank. Then we decided to go to the Rain forest dome. It was about 80 degrees and muggy in the dome. We saw butterflies, python´s, fish below in the water,one of them being twenty feet long and just circling the tank. We saw lots more interesting animals, but that fish just blew me away. After we exited the dome, we went to the Stein-hart Aquarium/Zoo. We saw scorpions, butterflies, lizards and lots and lots of fish. One of the reptile were baby frogs and there were hundreds of them crawling like baby's all over the tank. Then we got to a green anaconda tank and I saw a huge 20 foot-long anaconda sitting in the middle of the tank. Their was a machine that, if you clicked the button, it would squeeze your arm like an anaconda. My arm felt like it was being squished to a pancake. The snakes name was lemon-drop. After we exited the animal infested, Stein-hart Aquarium/Zoo, we went to the planetarium to watch a presentation about dinosaurs. I learned that if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs was 1 inch to the left, it´s course would have changed, and it would have missed earth completely, and the dinosaurs would be alive to day. All in all, it was one of the best days of my summer vacation.

The following day, we went to Pier 39, famous for seals. We were in the restaurant, we spotted two really big, tired seals sunbathing on a wooden dock. After we finished our meal, we turned left, then right and found hundreds of seals bathing in the sun and lying in each other. I saw one that was like 500 pounds! I read in an article that 1.6 million seals come here every year, and usually come in larger groups during the warmer seasons (Spring, Summer.) It was one of the best parts of the road trip.

Lastly, we went to Alcatraz Island. It was a former prison that was now a tourist attraction. We rode a boat through the choppy waves of the bay. The islands had lots of wildlife like seagulls and other birds and lots of grassy green plants and trees. It also displayed a great view of the city. When we got to the jail cells,there were hundreds of them, lined up for about 3 floors. Although there have been dozens of attempts to escape the prison, because Alcatraz has lots of security. Even if you did escape, you had to swim 1.25 miles to the city , and nobody could really swim through the big currents of the bay. Even if they could get to the city, all the cops would be after them to put them back into Alcatraz. If the prisoners were good, they got to get some books from the library, and that was not very often.

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In short, I went to the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, the fact filled Academy of Sciences, the seal infested Pier 39, and the beautiful Alcatraz island. As you can see, if you want to see an iconic city in the United States that is Eco-friendly and filled with amazing sites, then San Francisco,California is the place for you!


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