Final Project Production workflow

There are three steps you must do.

The first step is, Pre-Production
To create a piece of work. First of all, you must have some idea about what you want to point out. Who is the target audience for your story. What is the key message you want to tell. How you can tell them in a creative way. How long you need to finish this.
You want to tell something to others, right?
Do your research online, offline, etc. By looking in other people's works. How they use color theme? Why they use that kind of layout? What is the mood and tone of the photos, illustrations, graphics? So, you will get some idea how many ways you can tell your story in style. So, you can adapt it to create your own work.

Where to find inspirations?


How to collect things you would love to use in your project as references.

Create moodboard for your project. What mood and tone it will be. How many typeface needed, Etc.

Then what? Project Proposal

Create project proposal to get approved. In our case, it's me, your instructor.

If you don't get my approval, you don't have final project!

The deadline to get my approval is...............

April 19th., 2017 in class


The second step Production

Time to do real work.

This step is all about go out, take photos, make Illustrations, etc. do all work as planned in pre-production.

The third step is Post-Production

Use all you have done from Production to create your final work. Digested, Organized, Editing, Layout, put Graphic and Typograhy on to nake your final piece of work.

Final project presentation period. April 29th. - May 3rd. 2017

You must present your final project work to me, your instructor between this period of time. If there are something need to change, adjust, correct, etc. You still can make any change in this period. But the final deadline is May 3rd., 2017 4.00PM

Enjoy & Have fun.


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