Steve and Doggo: The Quest To Make An Iron Pickaxe

Steve and his pet Doggo woke up that morning. They knew that the day had finally come. There would be no more dull and cheap stone or wood pickaxes. They knew today was the day that they would find iron and forge an iron pickaxe.
Steve and Doggo start out the day by first chopping some wood, knowing that they would need it to craft the iron pickaxe later. Steve was too busy to craft an ax so he made do with what he had.
Steve now knew that he must mine for stone because he would need it later to craft a furnace to forge the iron into ingots. Doggo meanwhile made a new friend with Mr. Cow.
After hours of gathering the resources to make the iron pickaxe and all the digging and mining Steve had to do, Steve and Doggo finally come across what they have been looking for. They spent months hunting it down, a resource so valuable in this world. This was finally it, the iron block! but, there was only one.

To Be Continued...


Dylan Carapazza

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