The Critique of Antigone By Noah RoAch

The adapted version of Antigone was just a disappointment. They tried to take it from Creon killing Antigone because she buried her brother to, Creon killing Antigone because she didn't burry her brother. They made it to where Creon was looking for a realitive of Polyneices(even though in the old story they were realitives) and Antigone didn't come to claim the body. Before Polyneices and Etecles fought to the death Polyneices and Antigone had a huge fight about why he was going into battle with his brother. She said you'll die out there and I won't be there to claim your body. That gave me chills sitting in the audience but the way they pulled it off didn't work. For some reason during the scene when Creon was confronting Antigone he WAS HOLDING POLYNEICES ON HIS SHOULDER. I don't know if the director was drunk when he decided on that or if he thought it was a good idea. The way they had their costume crew design the costumes was idiotic because they tried to dress them with the cloths people wear no a days which made since, but it didn't work. Creon was wearing a sleeveless shirt and his hat backwards and jeans. Antigone looked like she had just got out of P.E., because she had really short shorts on and had a shirt that looked like a workout shirt. Haeman looked the weirdest out of everyone he came on stage wearing football pads for no reason. They didn't explain why, they never said if he was on the football team, and they never even said if they went to school. There was no logo on the football helmet it was just a black helmet. I think that they had a good idea of the plot, but they didn't make it work in the space they had. It was very choppy and the actors wouldn't stay open to the audience. Everyone except for Creon's wife had wander feet and for those who don't know what that is it's when the actor/actress moves back and forth uncontrollably with out a purpose. Unless your character was very nervous they shouldn't do that. The only reason Creon's wife didn't is because she looked like she was in her 30's to 40's and had several years of experience. I don't think this play deserves really any recognition, because it looked like they had an idea that would work but they rushed everything. It looks bad when the audience can't tell where a scene starts and where it ends, they had no lighting cues or sound cues. The lights didn't even go down when it ended. The director shouldn't direct anything else at that theatre he had to be the worst director I've ever scene it's not the actors fault they didn't choose what they did, but if they don't fire him they are crazier than I thought. Below I'll put a picture of the set and how bad that was.

It doesn't make since, how does that fit in the story at all!

This has been Noah Roach with the Chattanooga Film Festival critiquing Antigone put together by an un-named theatre department. I wish the actors the best of luck but I hope they fire that director.

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