Chad Hutchinson CAS Highlights

We want to give congratulations on completing his first year at EMU to Dr. Chad Hutchinson! He is the Director of Orchestral Studies, who conducts the orchestra, teaches classes in conducting, and supervises student teachers out on the field. He made special efforts to help navigate through challenging times of quarantine, as he made a self-help video for his students to encourage them through uncertain times. The video explains different ways to relieve stress, one of which is to use music for enjoyment and not just for grades. He also tries to tie in some community building exercises in his classes to support his students. On top of preparing for the upcoming school year, he continued his doctoral research on Giacomo Puccni, an opera composer, and practiced Tai Chi as part of his research in movement and body awareness. His goal in taking Tai Chi is to see if it will improve body language when communicating with the musicians from the podium. At the end of our interview Hutchinson expressed, “The biggest thing that I want to convey to students is that music is a life-long art and that I hope that then they pass that love of music onto somebody else; when I get a letter or email from a former student who says that their son or daughter has started in music, truly that’s really what it’s all about. It’s about inspiring that love of music in others and hoping that they pass it on.” Thank you Dr. Chad Hutchinson for your passion and dedication! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS

Self-Care by Dr. Hutchinson: https://emich.instructuremedia.com/embed/49dec174-e549-443c-ba8a-3fdb8e62f5f4

Recent article from University Business on how the music department large ensemble professors have adapted to instruction during COVID-19: https://universitybusiness.com/orchestra-symphony-online-music-anxiety-mental-health-emu-eastern-michigan-university/

School of Music and Dance page: https://www.emich.edu/music-dance/music/ensembles/orchestra/index.php

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