Hiking the Austrian Alps (Zugspitz Arena Circuit - Day 4)

Our final day in the Alps took us on a scenic route back down the mountain and past a number of picturesque lakes before crossing the Moos (valley floor) from a different direction before arriving back in Ehrwald, where it all began 4 days ago.

We started out with cool temperatures and the entire Zugspitz Arena was cloaked in a thick layer of cloud cover, obscuring the majestic scale of the Alps.

From time to time we got sneak peaks of the mountains as the clouds parted briefly before quickly whiting out our view before us.

We negotiated wet tracks with a light drizzle now set in for the day as we descended down to the shore line of the deep aqua green Blindsee Lake. At a lookout point on the way down, we got a quick treat of the lake before it quickly disappeared again in misty clouds.

The tracks around the lakes passed through dense fir tree forests riddled with tree roots and moss and following the streams we marvelled at the pure clean waters that were crystal clear all the way to the pebbles below.

We have been treated with a diverse range of scenery, vistas, panoramas, tracks and weather conditions and were saved from thankfully having to breakout our full wet weather gear!

Jenny took a liking to these long legged sheep!
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Stephen Mathieson

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