Melinda Journal


Today I had to go through another horrible day. I don't know how much longer I can hold it in. It's like a knife being dragged across my heart. Not knowing when it might just slip out. I would never be the same again. My body hurting. My heart is hurting. I can't hold it Anymore. Andy Evans get to live on knowing you got into another girls pants. I wish I haven't been the one who he done this to. I can't tell anyone because i am to scary of what might be said.


Just another day of school. Sharing and breathing the same air as him. God I wish i can tell someone about this. BUT WHO. I wish i can tell heather but we're not friends anymore. I can tell his girlfriend but she might not believe. I don't know who. I can just die. This pain is killing me. Just knowing that I might have the ability to stop him from doing this to other girls. But no i am to scary of what people might say.

Day: 3

What can I do. I am trying my best to behave for my family at school. I can't stand her with IT. Just knowing at anytime some other girl might be going what I went through. All of this because I am scared. I don't know maybe Tomorrow I can tell Rachel. Maybe not i don't know I am scared. I don't know how. But i will give it a shot.


I stay after school. I see Rachel in the Library so I went into the Library. i went to go sit with her. I passed a note book down to her telling about what IT did to me. She face drop and keep asking my who IT was. I said "Andy Evan". She didn't believe me. She told me about how much of a lier I am to her. Just because it was her Boyfriend. Later on that day, I had to deal with the pain just knowing that no one believes me. Soon i go into the bathroom. I saw writing on the bathroom. Talking about the IT. Now i am not alone.


Okay maybe today everything will be okay. After school I fell Asleep in the art closet. IT came in. He started touching me again. I tried to dump the door. I try to yell but IT covered my mouth so no one can hear. It bent me over the sink and started to undress me. I took a wooden stick and broke a Glass cup. I can't believe what I did next. I put it up to his next and wanted to hurt him. I don't know what to do. I am scared of the fact he would have done it again. I never knew how much this would hurt me to say. God i am scared for my life.


Well finally it's over no more IT. No more being scared. I can finally say I am OKAY. I never knew that it will feel this good. Yeah my face still might hurt from him hitting me. But god I am so glad it's over. I am a victim of RAPE. something no one wants to be a victim of. God but just to have "Andy Evan" gone is a good thing. But I was in the wrong for going to that party and getting that drunk. But maybe just maybe my story can help those Rape Victim. Speak Up when stuff like that happens.


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