Sweden / Finland / England Our Northernlight Adventure 2017

Day 1 | Feb 5, Sunday

Fooling around on the escalators, looking very smuck
Had all American tator tots and egg rolls

Ready for our flights from Washington Dulles to Kiruna. Our first leg to Copenhagen was meant to be about 8 hours, made it in much less time and should have ample of time to get our connecting flight to Stockholm.

Day 2 | Feb 6, Monday

Spent about 4 hours on Stockholm airport. A quick hop of 2 hours to Kiruna, Sweden. Got our Volvo rental for our drive to Sirkka, Finland. Lots of accumulated snow, the roads were great. Made it to our AirBnB around 10pm. Exhausted but happy, tomorrow we will explore!

Day 3 | Feb 7, Tueday

Our neighbor, Tatiana came over to discuss all the things we can do in the area. She was really helpful and drove us over to the Reindeer farm where you can also book a Reindeer sleigh. It's a 5min drive from our house.
Getting ready to ski. In the background, Mike in yellow, Lisa and Charles
Absolutely breathtaking from the top
Mike and Lisa

Charles took up skiing (used to doing snowboarding), sadly we have a man down. This will force lots of rest and reading, still good things to do for vacation. Torn ACL and Lateral. Will have to get this fixed when we are back in America. The nurse was very entertaining.

Day 4 | Feb 8, Wednesday

Started the morning with running some errands, filling Charles's prescription etc. Time for more skiing.

I'll call this our, Sparkling day !

We had snow sparkles everywhere, saw at least three vertical rainbows on the ski slopes.

Ended the day with a traditional smoke sauna, and a jump in the freezing river at the reindeer farm from Tuesday.

From top left to bottom right, dressing room, sauna room and access to the river through the snow. For safety, a caged secures that the river current won't drift you of. Our exposure was very quick and we couldn't even feel the river current.

Day 5 | Feb 9, Thursday

Had a relaxed day, but how quick it went!

Getting ready to leave for the day!
Ice Sculptures from Luvaturna
We saw them! So HAPPY! So EXCITING!!!

Day 6 | Feb 10, Friday

Husky sledding, we each had our own team of dogs that had to be steered. The run was for 15km and took about an hour.
We sure built up an Appetite
Scenes around the restaurant area with the ski slope lifts in the background.

Day 7 | Feb 11, Saturday

Our house and surroundings.

Back at Sammun Tupa (Reindeer Farm & Smoke Saune venue) to capture more of the scenic world under a bright and clear sky. Still cold at -20C, the cafe's hot chocolate was delicious!

Day 8 | Feb 12, Sunday

Mostly a travel day to Stockholm. Left Sirkka at 4am to catch our flight from Kiruna. Took the Arlanda Express to Stockholm Central, and a scenic walk with our luggage over cobled paved roads made sure we announced ourselves as to tourists to our Stockholm island Gamla Stan home. Had lunch and recooped in a qaint Irish pub waiting for our check-in time.

Day 9 | Feb 13, Monday

Sightseeing In Stockholm, taking as much in as we can.

Walkway through the castle
Choppy water on one side of the bridge, opposite side completely calm, where the swans hang out.

Making our way to take a boat trip and learn more about Stockholm's layout. Consist of the mainland but also 14 surrounding islands. It's common to use a fairy to cross over.

Scenes through the boats window

We also got a "punch" drink, based on whiskey but with a sweeter taste (note to self to research Swedish name). Gluwein is also popular.

Next stop is a walk over to the Vasa museum, about King Gustav's boat scandal. The brac ocean water preserved the ship for 330 years, it was pulled from the ocean in the 1960's and required minimal restoration considering.

Back of the ship

Model of the ship indicating how it would have looked with the colors painted. 12 year research were done on the pigment color.

Then we were thirsty and hungry, went for an afternoon cocktail at Tyra Brinken. And walked over to a noodle restaurant right in heart where the locals are. An absolute treat.

Last stop for the day was the Fotografiska museum.

Day 10 | Feb 14, Tuesday

Our next travel leg is over to England. Left the AirBnB around 8am to catch the Arlanda Express train to the airport for our 11am flight. Traveling with only hand luggage, a first for us but how nice!

The little white dots in the right picture are wind turbines in the ocean. Pretty neat to see out of the plane.
Pilgrim Inn

Our home for the next few days. Top picture, is where our room is and right across from the building, on the same property, the pub (bottom picture).

Day 11 | Feb 15, Wednesday

They served Marmite at breakfast this morning. And Red Bush tea, it's renamed from Rooibos here.

Day 12 | Feb 16, Friday

Romsey in Southampton

Day 13 | Feb 17, Friday

Heading for our last breakfast at Pilgrim Inn, in Southampton. Till next time!

Day 14 | Feb 18, Saturday

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